[VIDEO] Coffee Shop Supervisor Praised For Staying Calm While Customer Screams At Her

The customer was upset because his hot Americano was served in a small cup.

Cover image via @IniAlalalannn (Twitter)

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A video of a customer yelling at a coffee shop's supervisor for serving his order in a cup that was smaller than he expected recently went viral on social media

In the one-minute clip, the customer can be heard yelling at several baristas over the size of his hot Americano cup.

While confronting the employees, the customer requests to speak with the store manager in order to file a complaint. One of the employees then replies that she is the store's supervisor.

She then informs the customer that they cannot upgrade the size of his cup because it violates the company's standard operating procedure (SOP) as all hot Americano orders use the same small cup.

Upset by the supervisor's response, the man shouts, "Your SOP is bullsh-t!"

He continues to tell the supervisor that he is being treated unfairly due to double standards

"You don't have to show me the SOP, before this we could get a bigger cup but now we can't. Is this a double standard?" the customer yells.

A woman, believed to have been the customer's wife, continues by asking the supervisor why are all the cup sizes the same.

Before the supervisor could explain to his wife, the man shouts, "Call your boss to come here!" several times.

"Big cup or small cup, call your boss to come here!" he screams once more.

The supervisor then apologises for the inconvenience, but the man yells, "Who do you think you are? Do you think I'm stupid? You scumbag!" before leaving the store.

Malaysians sympathised with the supervisor and shared their thoughts on the situation in the comments section

One user questioned the man for becoming so upset over a cup of coffee.

"I respect this woman for answering politely," they wrote.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, another user pointed out that the store explicitly informs customers about the size of the beverages on their menu.

"The size of the drinks is specified before you place your order. Hot Americano is 12oz and hot latte is 16oz. This got me angry," they said.

Image via Twitter

"After looking at her patience, I'm convinced I can't work in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. If there's a customer who talks to me like this, I would get fired for fighting back," another user wrote.

Image via Twitter

Watch the full video of the incident here:

A man recently uploaded a video of himself scolding a cashier for their behaviour, but was condemned by netizens instead:

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