M'sian Man Uploads Video Of Him Scolding Cashier For Being 'Rude' But It Backfires Instead

The cashier told the man that the customer before him was supposed to be the last before she closed the counter.

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A video of a Malaysian man being rude to a cashier recently went viral on Twitter

In the one-minute clip, the man records a cashier who is working while he is standing in line at her checkout counter.

The man suddenly snaps and asks the employee to repeat herself after she previously told him to go to a different counter.

"We've closed this counter," the employee responds, but the man is not satisfied by her reply and rudely tells the employee that he cannot see a sign indicating that the counter is closed.

The cashier then informs the man that the counter will close once the customer in front of him has finished paying for their purchases, but the man continues to taunt her while she remains silent.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

The man then continues to complain, demanding that his needs be met

After the employee ignores him, the man pokes at her again, saying, "Oh, now you're quiet. Why? Because I'm filming you?"

He then puts a carton of boxed drinks on the checkout conveyor belt while calling the cashier rude.

"You're supposed to put up a sign here saying your counter is closed, not just tell customers it's closed. You should look behind here to see if there's anyone there," he continues.

After listening to the man scream at her, the cashier switches places with her colleague in what seems to be an attempt to avoid him.

Image via Screenshot/SAYS

The man uploaded a video of the incident on TikTok in the hopes that Malaysians would support him. Instead, netizens chastised him for his actions.

One user commented that they had been in a situation similar to the man's, but instead of recording and mocking the cashier, they simply walked away to the next available counter.

Image via Twitter

Another suggested that the man work as a cashier before attempting to make such a small issue go viral on social media.

“Do you think that when supermarkets close at 10pm, all the employees leave at 10pm? They have to count cash float and cash out the money, too. It was just a small matter and you asked for the manager. Who do you think you are?" they lambasted.

Image via Twitter

Another user pointed out that the man could have approached the cashier nicely and politely asked to be the last customer to checkout before she closed the counter.

Image via Twitter

The video of the incident can be found below:

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