Chinese Man Spends RM90,000 To Renovate His Apartment… Only To Discover It Wasn’t His

What a costly blunder.

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Renovating a new place is something every home owner enjoys doing, but for this Chinese man - it was a nightmare.

He spent 150,000 yuan (RM92,000) to decorate his new home, only to find out that the apartment is not his!

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The man, from the city of Chongqing, purchased the apartment in June and was handed the keys three months after the purchase

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According to The South China Post, the man spent 630,000 yuan (RM390,00) on a new apartment on the 40th floor of a block in Chongqing in June and received the keys to flat number 40-4 after submitting copies of his purchase contract and ownership certificate in September.

Like any excited homeowner, he began renovating his new place and has spent 150,000 yuan (RM92,000) before receiving a call from the property company that he had been renovating someone else's home

The apartment block that the man was renovating.

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The company said that there were eight apartments on the 40th floor but only four had been sold. It led to a mix-up and he was given keys to the wrong apartment.

It's unsure how the man is planning to resolve the matter. What a bummer, all that hard earned money has gone to waste. :(

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