Chinese Mother Almost Dies From A Heart Attack When Her Son Couldn't Answer Math Homework

"I explained it to him many times but he still could not get it."

Cover image via China Press & MIT Technology Review

A mother in China recently had a life-threatening heart attack after scolding her son for not being able to answer his math homework

Image via China Press

China Press reported that on Friday, 1 November, a 36-year-old mother known as Wang was rushed to Xinhua Hospital in Hubei province.

The mother had gotten upset that she had to repeatedly explain a math problem to her son.

In her anger, she suddenly felt a pain in her chest.

In a video by Sin Chew Daily, she said, "I explained it to him many times but he still could not get it. I was so angry that I could explode."

"Suddenly, my heart was palpitating and I could not breathe properly."

The woman then called her husband to drive her to the hospital.

Doctors said that she made it just in time and could have lost her life.

Image via China Press

"She caught it in time. If there had been any delay, she could have suffered from heart failure," said Yang Xiaoxue, a doctor at Xinhua Hospital's internal medicine department.

He also pointed out that for younger patients like Wang, an unhealthy diet and stress are the biggest causes of heart diseases.

The mother admitted that she would often get exasperated while helping her son with his homework but never expected that it would take such a toll on her.

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