Guard At City Council In Johor Refuses Entry To Woman Over Her "Inappropriate" Attire

The 60-year-old Malaysian businesswoman was wearing a calf-length dress.

Cover image via Sin Chew Daily & Tan Tuan Peng

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On Wednesday, 15 February, a security guard at the Pasir Gudang City Council refused entry to a 60-year-old Malaysian businesswoman

According to the woman, the security guard refused to provide her with a pass to take the lift to the second floor of the City Council building because he found her attire "inappropriate", reported China Press.

The 60-year-old was wearing a calf-length dress.

The woman, surnamed Chen (transliteration), was at the City Council to renew her business permit.

Initially, when the woman arrived at the City Council premises, a female officer at the front counter directed her to the second floor

The 60-year-old then got her queue number and made her way towards the lift.

However, before she could take the lift, the security guard told her that she could not enter as her dress was "too short". He claimed that her dress must reach her feet to be considered "long enough".

The woman, who was wearing a long dress that covered her calves, told China Press that if the length of her dress was any longer, it would reach her ankles, but the guard still found it "inappropriate".

Image via Tan Tuan Peng

The woman didn't want to argue with the security guard and returned to the front counter to inform the female officer about the issue

Once at the counter, she stepped back a few steps for the officer to inspect if her dress was really "too short". However, the officer could not understand why the guard found the woman's dress "inappropriate".

Helpless, the officer suggested that the woman take the stairs instead.

When she told her husband about the matter, he was equally baffled.

Sin Chew Daily quoted the woman as saying that as a businesswoman, she often needs to visit government departments and she usually wears one-piece dresses that fall below her knees.

"I never had any issues in the past, so I'm not sure why the rules are different this time," she said, while jokingly adding that as a 60-year-old, she isn't going to go out wearing mini skirts.

According to the woman, she does not want to make an official complaint but hopes that the government departments will at least have a dress code standard that's consistent.

Meanwhile, in a Facebook post yesterday, Pasir Gudang MCA division chief Tan Tuan Peng highlighted the issue and said that he will soon speak to the mayor about it.

Image via SinChew Daily

Recently, there have been a number of similar instances, where women were denied their basic rights over their "inappropriate" attire:

However, according to a PAS leader, "inappropriately" dressed women are like exposed "items" that are sold by the roadside:

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