Woman Allegedly Denied Treatment At Kampar Hospital Until She Changed Into Long Pants

A female medical assistant allegedly accused the patient's friends of being "uneducated" when they questioned the rules of the hospital.

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A frustrated friend of a patient recently took to the news to air his dissatisfaction when his friend was denied medical treatment at Kampar Hospital, Perak, because she was wearing a pair of shorts

According to China Press, the friend, referred to as Damien Chen, told reporters that he and his friend were playing badminton at 11pm, on Sunday, 12 January, when the girlfriend of Chen's friend, who had been spectating on the sidelines, suddenly keeled over from severe stomach pains.

The 21-year-old said that the pain was unbearable and she could hardly walk. Her friend and boyfriend then rushed her over to the hospital's emergency room.

Once at the hospital, Chen was filling out the woman's information when the medical assistant attending to them pointed out to Chen's friend that it was improper for a woman to wear shorts. She was then ordered to change into longer pants before she could enter the emergency room.

Kampar Hospital emergency and trauma unit.

Image via Google Images

Feeling like they had no other option but to comply, Chen left the hospital to retrieve a pair of long trousers for his friend to change into

The 21-year-old woman was finally allowed into the emergency room and was treated for severe menstrual cramps and high blood pressure. She was sent home to recuperate once the doctor approved her discharge.

During his friend's admission into the emergency room, Chen questioned the medical assistant as to why his friend wasn't allowed to see a doctor in shorts.

The female medical assistant then replied that it was the hospital's rules and patients needed to be dressed "appropriately".

Unsatisfied with the response, Chen and his other friend continued to question the assistant until she allegedly lost her temper and said that Chen and his friends were "uneducated" and ordered them to leave the hospital premises.

The alleged medical assistant who denied the patient access into the emergency room.

Image via China Press

On Monday, 13 February, Perak health committee chairman A Sivanesan released a statement concerning the case

According to The Star, Sivanesan said that the medical assistant allegedly went to get appropriate clothing for the patient but they decided to seek medical treatment from a private clinic and left the hospital's premises.

However, the patient's party apparently returned to the government hospital.

"At about 1am on Monday, she returned to the emergency unit accompanied by a friend. She then registered and sought treatment from a doctor," Sivanesan said.

The chairman said that he wasn't sure if the hospital enforces any dress code rules but he would be visiting the hospital soon to get to the bottom of the matter.

"I am not exactly happy with the response from the hospital," he added.

Perak health committee chairman A Sivanesan.

Image via Free Malaysia Today

In early February, a woman was denied entry into Kajang police station because she wore shorts:

In a separate incident, a PAS leader likened "inappropriately" dressed women to low-value, exposed items that are sold by the roadside:

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