Company Fires Man For Spending Up To 6 Hours Daily In The Toilet At Work

Within a span of a week, he visited the office lavatory a remarkable 22 times.

Cover image via Freepik & Max Rahubovskiy/Pexels

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A man in Tianjin, China was fired from his job after spending up to six hours a day in the lavatory at work

According to CNBCTV18, his company records revealed that within a span of a week, he visited the office lavatory a remarkable 22 times.

The employee, surnamed Wang, used the lavatory two to three times a shift.

The extended restroom stays ranged from 47 minutes to a whopping three hours, or 196 minutes.

Not satisfied with his termination, the man filed for an arbitration requesting his reinstatement and continuation of his labour contract

According to South China Morning Post, the man first joined the company in April 2006, and has been working on a non-fixed-term labour contract since April 2013.

However, in December 2014, he was diagnosed with an anorectal condition which required him to have surgery.

Despite making a full recovery, Wang experienced persistent pains which led to his long-lasting toilet breaks.

Eventually, in September 2015, his company decided to let him go due to his frequent absenteeism, tardiness, and tendency to leave work early.

Tianjin High Court.

Image via BBC

Nonetheless, despite the dispute in court, Wang still lost his bid to get his job back

According to Kosmo!, the Tianjin High Court ruled that the termination was legal and justified, and that his excessive stays in the toilet were unreasonable and beyond his physiological needs.

Meanwhile, in March, a Japanese man was fined for smoking a total of 355 hours at work:

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