Cop Reunites With Aunty Who Used To Buy Him Pau When He Was A Kid In Heartwarming Video

The aunty even collects newspaper clippings that feature Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Nik Ezanee Mohd Faisal.

Cover image via Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya/Facebook

A viral video showing a district police chief reuniting with an aunty who used to buy him pau when he was a little boy has touched millions of Malaysians' hearts online

In a Facebook live stream published yesterday, 17 June, Petaling Jaya district police chief ACP Nik Ezanee Mohd Faisal is seen holding a bag of pau and a box of face masks in front of the aunty's house.

Surprised by an entourage of police waiting outside her gate, the aunty, who is fondly called 'Ah Siong', walks to Nik Ezanee, smiling from ear to ear once she realises it is the man she used to buy pau for when he was a little boy.

Nik Ezanee calls out her name and says she looks strong and healthy.

The PJ police chief shares that Ah Siong used to work in his parents' company as a supervisor some 30 years ago

Every time when she learned that little Nik Ezanee would be coming to the office, she would buy him a bag of pandan-flavoured pau.

"The other day, my parents told me that Ah Siong is still alive, so I decided to visit her," Nik told Malaysiakini.

In the video, he tells his officers that now that he can afford to buy his own pau, he wants to pay Ah Siong a visit to return the good deeds after all these years.

After receiving the pau, Ah Siong invites Nik Ezanee to her house and the two quickly sit down and have a chat

Although they may not have kept in touch over the years, Ah Siong remembers Nik Ezanee dearly. She even collects newspaper clippings that feature him.

New Straits Times noted that among all the collections, one clipping shows an article that reported about his appointment as the PJ police chief early this year.

"She still remembered me. She read about me in the Chinese newspaper and kept all the news related to me," Nik Ezanee told Malaysiakini. "That took me by surprise."

Ah Siong showing newspaper cutouts that feature Nik Ezanee.

Image via Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya/Facebook

Nik Ezanee sharing pictures of his family members with Ah Siong.

Image via Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya/Facebook

The district police chief promises to visit Ah Siong again soon and the two bid goodbye with a hug - like mother and son

Nik Ezanee says the elderly people hold a special place in his heart, before reminding the public that they belong in a high-risk group during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Two days ago, June 15, I had a meeting with some Petaling Jaya folks. Many of the residents in Petaling Jaya are elderly," he says.

"I shared the importance of hygiene and shared about safety awareness. I reminded them to be careful with strangers as the elderly are easy targets."

At the time of writing, the video was viewed over 1.3 million times and garnered 10,000 shares

Thousands of netizens were touched by Nik Ezanee's gesture and lauded the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) for setting a great example.

"How sweet and thoughtful. Good example. We need more people like you. God bless you and your team," commented a Malaysian.

Image via Facebook

While another added, "Salute and respect you, sir! The aunty is so excited and happy to see you. You brighten up her day."

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"Aww... So touching. This is what we Malaysians want. No barrier in helping each other. Good OCPD who never forgets the love given," wrote a Facebook user.

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