A 24-Year-Old Woman Fighting To Escape Her Abusive Mother Is Being Held Against Her Wishes

She was forcibly taken by police from her lawyer's house to IPD Kajang.

Cover image via Suri Kempe/Facebook

A 24-year-old woman named Anis Nur Izzaty is currently being held against her wishes at the IPD Kajang after she was forcibly taken by police from her lawyer Siti Kasim's house

Police officers reportedly broke into Siti's home at around 8pm on Saturday night after a report by Anis's mother accusing Siti of forcibly keeping Anis at her place.

"Police barged into her house around dinner time," FMT reported a source as saying, who added that Siti was arrested at the Kajang district police headquarters after she went there to ask why her home was broken into by police.

According to Facebook Live videos by Suri Kempe, Programme Manager at Musawah, a global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family, while Anis is clearly heard saying that "that's not true, she (Siti) did not kidnap me," Siti Kasim was arrested by police under Section 363 for suspected kidnapping, and Section 186 for obstructing a public servant from discharging his duties.

The Facebook Live video shows police refusing to give Siti access to her client.

Here's the video that shows Anis saying Siti did not kidnap her

Anis, who is Siti Kasim's client, can be seen in the video telling from behind a half-opened door, which is being guarded by a female cop, that she was not kidnapped.

Posted by Suri Kempe on Saturday, 23 June 2018

At the time of writing this SAYS story, while the kidnapping charges against Siti have been dropped, police will be pursuing charges under Section 186 of the Penal Code against the lawyer

Suri Kempe, while speaking to this SAYS writer on phone from the Kajang district police headquarters, said that police are holding Anis against her wishes.

"They are not letting Anis go," Suri told SAYS, adding that no one including her lawyer Siti or her family members who are there are being allowed to talk to Anis.

"There is no word on when the cops will let Anis go."

Meanwhile, The Malaysian Feminist also posted about the issue, saying Anis had been in contact with some of the page admins informing them that she had been a victim of abuse by her mother

"She had told this admin personally in March this year that she sheltered with Women's Aid Organisation, to escape her abusive mother.

"I also understand that her mother had made many allegations to the police and the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) against Anis, and Siti Kasim was merely helping to represent Anis as her lawyer to sort out the legal troubles Anis' mother inflicted on her daughter," read the Facebook post by The Malaysian Feminist.

It has been alleged that Anis's mother claims her 24-year-old daughter is mentally unstable and that her aqidah is in question

According to a report in Malaysiakini, a woman who claimed to be Anis's aunt said that her mother allegedly has a history of abusive behaviour towards her daughter.

Anis had reportedly moved out after allegedly being strangled by her mother.

The aunt said that on Thursday, after being questioned by JAIS, Anis was taken to the Kajang Hospital for a mental health assessment and was released thereafter.

The same was corroborated by one of the cousins on Twitter, who said that "Anis's mother made numerous reports, all reports have been proven false and Anis has gone through numerous check-ups and urine tests too, all negative.

"She's good and healthy. But still, her mother is ever ready to crush her life."

According to the cousin on Twitter, Anis left her mother's home January this year.

However, her mother made a report against Anis's cousin's grandfather, mother and aunty saying they teamed up and plotted to kidnap Anis.

The 24-year-old woman, however, stood her ground and lodged reports saying she left under no influence and it was her own will, the cousin tweeted.

Prior to Saturday night's incident, Siti Kasim had shared details about Anis had reached out to her for help a couple of months back

"She is afraid of her mother who is domineering and controlling. She needs advice on whether she can leave her house and lead her own life.

"So, I told her that she's an adult, she can do what she wants. So, she decided to leave her family home and got a job at a legal firm," Siti had posted on her Facebook profile.

According to Siti, while Anis has lodged a police report after leaving her mother's home in order to cover herself legally, "the police don't seem to care about it."

Anis Nur's photo as shared by Siti on Facebook.

Image via Siti Kasim/Facebook

So far, there is no additional info on when will Anis be let go. We will update this story once we have more details on the case.


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