Cops Let Woman Go Free After Her 3-Year-Old Daughter's Message Touches Their Heart

"Many like to label the police with all sorts of things, but in reality, we are also human beings with feelings," the officer said.

Cover image via Bahrom Sahin/Harian Metro

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In a heartwarming incident that unfolded in Jitra, Kedah, a police officer was moved by a child's message to her detained mother

The three-year-old child, who thought that her mother was going to work when in reality she was being arrested for a drug offence, told her mother something that resonated with the officer and his colleague.

Bahrom Sahin, a 32-year-old officer in the Narcotics Section of the Jitra district police headquarters, was conducting patrols in a local village when he observed a woman acting suspiciously in front of her house.

He shared that he and his colleague were about to detain the woman for narcotics-related charges, when they learned she resorted to such actions to support her six children as a single mother.

As the officers were driving the woman away, they rolled down the window, allowing her to speak with her three-year-old daughter. Little did they know that this interaction would have a profound impact.

"What touched my colleague and I was what her three-year-old girl said to her… 'Be careful going to work and don't forget to buy balloons when you come home'," he was quoted as saying by Harian Metro.

The child's message, filled with innocence and love, struck a chord with the police officer, as it reminded him of his own child at home

"I was taken aback and was barely able to hold back my tears upon hearing the child's words because those are the words that my own child tells me when I leave the house to go to work," Bahrom shared.

Bahrom said that he and his colleague recognised the challenges faced by the mother and her child and decided to show compassion. After a discussion, they released the woman with certain conditions.

"We let her go on condition that she be put under observation so that she does not repeat her mistake because we understand that her children will be waiting for her to return if we detain her," he added.

"The woman cried and thanked us repeatedly before we gave her some money and some 'cekodok pisang' because she told us that she only makes instant noodles with soy sauce for her children to eat," he said.

Now the woman is making a living by drying fish, according to Bahrom.

Bahrom and his colleague helping the single mother of six.

Image via Bahrom Sahin/Harian Metro

Bahrom, who often shares such stories on TikTok, hopes to raise awareness among the public about the challenges faced by others

He emphasises the need to not judge people solely based on their mistakes, as many individuals find themselves in difficult situations where they do not have a choice and are enduring hardships and difficulties.

In his words, "I also want to change people's perceptions β€” many like to label the police with all sorts of things, but in reality, we are also human beings with hearts and feelings.

"I am sure that many other police officers and personnel experience and face all sorts of different issues when dealing with the different layers of society. It's just that they do not reveal or share about it.

"What I am trying to convey is that there are situations where we must be firm, and there are also times when we have to be compassionate and considerate for the greater good."

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