Family Of 7 Seek Shelter In A Car After Being Evicted From Mother-In-Law's House

The head of the family struggled to find a job, which led to his wife and children having to live in a car.

Cover image via Majlis Agama Islam Johor (Facebook)

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A couple and their five children from Skudai, Johor, have been living in a car for the past two weeks due to a family dispute that led to their eviction

The family's predicament came to light after an assistant officer at the Johor Islamic Religious Council (MAINJ), Mohd Mikael Mohf Rais, posted about it on the council's official Facebook page.

Mikael and his team rescued the family from the Skudai Rest and Service Area on Tuesday, 24 October after the coucil was alerted about the situation, Harian Metro reported.

"After receiving the information, we headed to the location to find the family. It was truly heartbreaking to see them living in a Proton Iswara," the Malay daily quoted him as saying.

Mikael explained that before their eviction, the family initially lived at the man's mother-in-law's house in Kampung Pasir, Skudai

He stated that the 31-year-old had done all sorts of part-time jobs to support his family.

"However, for the past two weeks, he struggled to find a job, which led to his children and wife having to live in a car," he was quoted as saying by the Malay daily.

For now, MAINJ has relocated the family to a temporary home for a six-month period

In the council's Facebook post, Mikael shared that they have also donated kitchen essentials to ease the family's burden.

"I was told that the children, aged five, eight, 10, and 14, have not been attending school for the past two weeks," he said.

"I was informed that the head of the family is currently looking for a job. His 36-year-old wife also expressed her willingness to work, provided someone can take care of their children," Harian Metro quoted him as saying.

Mikael added that while MAINJ will cover the rental of the temporary house for six months, the family is encouraged to find employment to support themselves during this period.

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