M'sians Are 'Chupping' This Hardworking Kampung Boy As Their Future Son-In-Law

The 13-year-old is a good son who always helps his mother with various house chores.

Cover image via @eidasmyda (TikTok)

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13-year-old Muhammad Nur Hakim Ahmad Zailani has gone viral on TikTok after his sister posted videos of him doing a variety of kampung chores with ease

"I want to 'lock' (reserve) him to be my son-in-law because I know my daughter will not go hungry if she has a man with many skills as her husband," read one of many similar teasing comments that 29-year-old Nurzatul Asmyda Ahmad Zailani received on her videos featuring her brother.

"Sis, I would like to 'book' him as my son-in-law. I will make give birth to a daughter soon!" said another netizen in jest. 

Nurzatul has 8,100 followers on TikTok, and most of the videos that garnered tens of thousands of views show her brother fishing, harvesting fruits from palm trees, and clearing overgrown land, among other chores.

Speaking to Harian Metro, Nurzatul said she has 10 siblings, with Hakim being the second youngest. They reside at Batu 7 in Changkat Baru, Perak.

She said her brother is independent and diligent, and likes spending his time doing village work, even during weekends and school holidays.

"My younger brother is really hardworking. If he doesn't follow my father (on his work trip), who works as a lorry driver, he will do village work," she told the Malay daily.

Hakim is also a good son who always helps his mother with various house chores

"He also routinely does house chores. My mother doesn't even have to go to the market because he is hardworking and is the kind of boy who is happy to help (family members).

"Usually, I will accompany him to ensure his safety, and at the same time, take pictures and videos of him (carrying out his daily tasks)," shared Nurzatul.

Being his older sister, Nurzatul said she is proud of Hakim, which explains why she loves to share TikTok videos featuring him.

"Because of that pride, I decided to share these videos on TikTok as a way to preserve them as cherished memories.

"I didn't expect the videos to receive so many views, and most people praise my brother and leave positive comments.

"Thank you for the words of encouragement. I hope my brother can be an example to teenagers his age," she said.

Check out this video of Hakim doing all sorts of tasks at his kampung:

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