Three Malaysian Employees Said Their Boss Sexually Tortured And Electrocuted Them

One of the female employees claimed that they were stripped naked while their boss' female partner filmed them.

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On Monday, 16 March, a 28-year-old woman claimed that she was sexually assaulted after her employer accused her of stealing RM18,000

The employee, who only wanted to be known as Lee, claimed that she was forced to strip naked while she was filmed nude after she was beaten up by her employer and his female partner.

She said this during a press conference held by MCA Public Services and Complaints Department chief Datuk Seri Michael Chong.

She also claimed that two other employees were also victims of the same incident.

Lee claimed that the incident was an 18-hour ordeal which took place on 8 May in their office-cum-home in Fortune Avenue Condominium in Kepong

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The incident unfolded when one of the three victims, an administrator for an illegal online gambling website, called the employer and told him to transfer a gambler’s winnings of RM18,000 to his account.

Lee said the employer came to their makeshift office at 3am together with his partner and six other men along with another victim identified as Lim.

“On entering our unit, he started questioning us about the money which he claimed was missing. We explained we never got involved in any cash transactions as all payments were made online. But he continued accusing us of stealing the money,” Lee said.

“When we defended ourselves, he slapped, kicked and sexually attacked us.”

Lee went on to say that they were electrocuted and coerced to transfer money to their boss' bank account

She claimed that the boss had confiscated their mobile phones and wallets before forcing them to strip naked while his female partner took pictures of them.

"He then forced us to transfer whatever we had in our bank accounts to his account, which totalled RM1,000. We were then blindfolded and electrocuted as he continued to ask us about the money," she was quoted as saying by Malay Mail Online.

"Although I was blindfolded, I could hear them video recording us while they continued to beat us. He wanted us to confess we stole the money. We had no choice but to say yes as we could not bear the torture."

It was said that their attackers left them after that, but returned a few hours later to set them free. The boss and his partner threatened to circulate their nude pictures and video on the Internet if they lodge a police report, to which Lee defied.

The couple accused of assaulting and filming the two female employees nude have since come forward in an effort to clear their names

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The Star Online reported that Nikkie Tan and Brenda Tan turned themselves in to the police yesterday, just one day after an employee lodged a police report against them.

It was reported that Brenda turned herself in around 4.30pm yesterday, followed by Nikkie at 8pm, according to the Sentul OCPD Asst Comm R. Munusamy.

Moving forward, Nikkie who is the boss who allegedly abused his employees, has revealed that he has CCTV recordings that could prove his innocence

Sin Chew Daily reported that one Nikkie Tan, via a video uploaded on Facebook, said he would make a police report against the three women for slandering him.

“I have made a big mistake in employing you (Nicole). You came from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur for the interview and wanted me to employ you immediately because you had no place to stay."

“I immediately took you in out of pity. During that time, I had no idea about your background."

“It turns out that you have run away from Ah Long (loan sharks) and were begging for my help,” he said in Chinese in the video recording.

Nikkie also warned his former employees not to make false accusations against him

He said that the public, including MCA Public Services and Complaints Department Chief Michael Chong, should not to be so gullible and easily fooled and should listen to all sides of the story.

He also said that he was surprised that the woman would lie to him, and that he found himself as the headline news in almost all the newspapers and on the Internet.

He also extended his apologies to his family and his fiancé, who were business partners, over the inconvenience caused by this incident.

Watch what Nikkie has to say in this video here:

Last year, a student was sexually assaulted by a man in his 20's in SS15:

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