A Couple Was Violently Attacked And Chased By A Gang Of Mat Rempits On The LDP

It all started when the couple stopped in a parking lot to use the navigation app, Waze.

Cover image via San San

A couple went through a traumatic experience recently when a group of Mat Rempits ruthlessly chased them along the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) before they were attacked violently

Image via San San

On early Monday morning, at about 2.15am, a couple in a Perodua MyVi had stopped at a parking lot in Kelana Jaya Tasik to use the navigation app, Waze.

It was then that eight men on four motorcycles emerged and surrounded the car appeared out of nowhere. Feeling that something was amiss, the woman, identified only as San San, and her boyfriend attempted to drive away but failed as the pathway was blocked.

Not only did the eight men obstruct the couple's path, but they turned aggressive, banging on the passenger window and shouting for the couple to get out of the car.

They did not give in to the demands and instead fled the scene as they rammed into one of the motorcycles in a desperate attempt to get themselves out of the stressful situation.

However, that was only the beginning of what ended up as a violent high-speed pursuit by a gang of Mat Rempits.

Fearing their safety, the couple quickly sped off towards the LDP highway but the gang of Mat Rempits was still tailing them

Image via San San

According to San San, one of the men kept staring at them "fiercely" while he repeatedly yelled and ordered them to stop their car.

This was when things escalated. The men started attacking San San and her boyfriend while they continued chasing the couple on their motorcycles.

"One of them started to throw big rocks towards our car while another flung a sparkplug, which smashed the passenger window. Thankfully, I wasn't hurt from this but my boyfriend who was driving injured his hands."

Luck seemed to have run out for the couple when their MyVi ended up with a flat tyre, probably as a result of them ramming into one of the motorcycles earlier

Image via San San

San San and her partner were still on the LDP highway when they realised that they wouldn't be able to continue driving the MyVi as it will be too dangerous for them - even a slight manoeuvre of the steering wheel at this point would cause the car to go out of control.

So they decided to step on the brakes, in hopes of taking the assailants by surprise and forcing the men to bang onto their car. However, the four men on the two motorcycles suddenly diverted their path, probably realising the couple’s plan.

Unfortunately, the men on the other two motorcycles were persistent in continuing their chase.

At this point, San San managed to call the police, who urged them to stay calm, keep driving and not stop their vehicle

However, the couple was not able to drive further as the flat tyre became a wheel that was running on its rim.

In a desperate attempt to save themselves from potentially getting harmed by the attackers, San San and her boyfriend drove in the middle of the road, with their hazard signals on. They honked all the way, screaming for help.

Yet, no one bothered to stop and offer them help, as every car that passed by them went on their way without stopping.

Just as the couple was about to give up hope, the police called back

"I felt hopeless. I thought that was the end of us," San San said.

It was then, the police finally called back as they approached 1Utama Shopping Centre.

San San noticed that the assailants left the LDP highway but kept driving despite their car's terrible condition but they did not want to risk their safety as they feared that they may be attacked again.

They kept driving and somehow, they managed to drive their way to the Kepong toll plaza.

The couple thought that the police was already at the toll plaza but they only saw a security guard

Image via San San

The security guard, along with another kindhearted man reached out and helped the distressed couple who pulled up by the side of the road.

Still feeling anxious and fearful, everyone kept an eye on the road and the surrounding to ensure that they were not being followed.

They waited until the police came, about 10 minutes later.

"However, the police did not do much upon their arrival. They only asked us about the whole incident and left after that. In fact, the only people who stayed with us until the tow truck arrived were the security guard and the kind man," San San said.

The couple were unable to lodge a police report immediately, due to the car's condition

Image via San San

They only managed to lodge a report the next day at the Bandar Sunway police station.

The whole ordeal was made known to the public after San San, uploaded photos of that horrifying ordeal and wrote the detailed account of her experience on her Facebook account late last night, 10 October.

Her post went viral within hours, gaining more than 31,000 shares in less than a day.

She urged everyone to remind their loved ones to be careful.

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