[PHOTOS] Couple In Patriotic Mood Decorates Their House With Over 200 Jalur Gemilang

They even have wau and hibiscus Jalur Gemilang.

Cover image via NSTP / Abnor Hamizam Abd Manap

With Hari Kemerdekaan a few days away, one couple from Negeri Sembilan has gone the extra mile and decorated their home with over 200 Jalur Gemilang

Kamarudin Ahmad, 64, and his wife Zaiton Yasir, 60, spent hundreds of ringgit to decorate their home located at Felda Raja Alias 4, Jempol.

The process took about two weeks, reported New Straits Times (NST).

Over 200 flags have been put up around the settlement, including on the six meter-high view tower nearby

"I find it fulfilling to see the home and vicinity become more vibrant. The living room has also been decorated with recycled items such as tin cans," Kamarudin said when NST visited his house.

The couple has also been able to transform the flags into a variety of shapes including the wau bulan and hibiscus flower

Thanks to Kamarudin's efforts, his home had been selected to participate at the state level for the home decoration competition by the state information department

"I was happy to learn that I had been chosen to compete at the state level. Nevertheless, I don't really think about winning, as what's more important is how we express our love for the nation," he told NST.

His wife also said that their family's relationship had become stronger as they spend time and do the decorations together, inspiring others in the settlement to do the same.

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