[SHARE] This Poor Couple With Children Asking For Your Help Could Be Dangerous

Kindness goes a long way, but it could be dangerous to help the wrong people. This couple spotted in Petaling Jaya are said to be dangerous, and Malaysians are advised to be careful when they see them.

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A concerned Malaysian has took to Facebook to alert Malaysians about a helpless couple with children who could be scam artists

The suspicious couple with children who could be scam artists

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The couple, with two children, has been seen standing by the roadside in Damansara and Petaling Jaya asking for help from motorists

This couple with kids has been doing this, standing by the road side and trying to stop other motorist for some help.

They has been spotted by the roadside around mostly Bandar Utama area, Sunway Damansara area, Puay Chai school area, Tropicana area, Palm Spring Condo area and nearby surrounding area the past few days.

The couple may seem helpless, but they could be dangerous. There have been cases of the man turning violent and aggressive when he was questioned.

Please do NOT stop as there has been reported cases of this man in the picture reacted violently when he was being questioned back. Bottom line is, he just wants your pity and money.

When the couple realised their picture was taken, they tried to smash the car of this photographer and chased after the photographer on their motorbike

One of my caring neighbour got suspicious when saw this couple again this morning by the roadside nearby with the same action of trying to get attention from motorist.

When the couple realised their picture was taken, they try to smash my neighbour's car and chased after my neighbour's car on the motorbike. I believe my neighbour is on the way to the police station now.

Several Facebook commenters also reported sightings of the couple in different locations

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Some kind samaritans who stopped to help the couple say the couple would come forward with a sob story and insist for several hundred Ringgit.

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This curator's friend, and the developers from the Tech Team in SAYS, have also saw the couple by the road

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This couple has been running this scam for many months

Please share this information to your neighbours and to your love ones as well. They have been doing this for many months.
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Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign advises people not to stop for the couple. They encourage those who see the couple to report to the authorities.

Please report this to the authorities if you see this couple on sidewalk or beside the Highway trying to stop a car.

Please send this alert to friends around PJ area.
We do not know their motives at this point.
Watch out for each other and Be safe. We may be trying to be a Good Samaritan but sometimes we get robbed or attacked instead. Stay safe.

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