There’s Something Seriously Freaky About This Selfie

So weird!

Cover image via @itsthemans/Twitter

The Internet was freaking out over this couple's bizarre photo. What seemed like an innocent, normal selfie sent shivers down their spine because of...

Image via Twiter

... what's lurking in the background!

Image via Twitter

At a glance, some may have missed it, but on closer inspection, many would have noticed something very creepy - the woman's reflection is facing the wrong way in the mirrored window behind the couple!

However, some people have argued that the reflected figure actually looks like a completely different person, which made it more eerie.

The creepy image was shared on Twitter by user @itsthemans, and it has received more than 18,000 retweets at the time of writing

While most netizens were just extremely unnerved by the image...

... others put on their detective cap and attempted to solve this mystery

However, someone pointed out that the photo was originally from social media site, suggesting that the photo could have been manipulated

Whatever it is, there's one thing we're sure: the image is really scary!

Image via Giphy

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According to a CyberSecurity Malaysia officer, the public should stop uploading their selfies online to avoid the threat of black magic: