Crows In Melaka Are Chasing Tourists Away By Sh*tting On Them

First panties, now poop.

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Crows in Melaka have no shame. First they stole panties, now they're driving tourists away with their droppings.

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Tourists have had to shield their heads while visiting popular destinations at Bandar Hilir, Melaka Historic City (MBMB) councillor Tan Chin Gwan said, according to The Star.

"[They] complained of being 'bombarded' with the droppings, some even had their faces covered in bird poop," he said on Sunday, 1 December, while adding that sidewalks and cars have also been smeared with bird excrement.

Aside from culling, the state government is working on using a bird repellent device to manage the crow population

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Image via New Straits Times

"We will put the device on a trial period to gauge its effectiveness before placing more at identified spots," State Housing, Local Government, and Environment Committee chairman Datuk Tey Kok Kiew said, according to the report.

In April, crows drove Melakan residents away by stealing their underwear

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The councillor revealed that hundreds of crows were snatching dozens of panties hanging on clotheslines since June last year.

20% of complaints were of missing panties from those living in high-rise residential areas and condominiums in Kota Laksamana.

"I am still baffled by why these crows are snatching panties, and where they go to hide them," Tan said, according to The Star.

Last year, a video showed the birds snacking on their dead cousins at a restaurant in Melaka:

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