A Roadside Warung In Pahang Charged Two Customers RM100 For This Meal

A woman recently complained about her husband's "cut throat" experience at an eatery.

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Social media have been abuzz recently with news of two customers who had to fork out a total of RM100 for a meal at an eatery in Pahang

It was learned that the photos were first shared by a woman on Twitter

A woman turned to the social media platform on Monday, 23 October, to express her shock when she found out that her husband was charged RM100 for a meal at a warung in Pahang.

It was said that the woman's husband was working outstation and it was his first time in Pahang. She said that her husband stopped by to have lunch at the roadside eatery.

"Weh memang gini ke (harga makanan) kedai ni? Ke laki aku makan ikan duyung? (Is the price of the food at this shop really like this? Or did my husband eat a mermaid?)," she wrote in a tweet.

At the time of writing, the woman's Twitter account has been made private and the tweets are no longer available for public viewing.

While most people were alarmed that the customers might have been overcharged at the eatery, quite a number of people have pointed out that seafood such as prawns and sotong are expensive nowadays

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A netizen, who said that she works at an eatery, told the woman that even the prices of anchovies (ikan bilis) are expensive, what more, giant freshwater prawns.

To this, the woman replied that normal roadside stalls usually charge their customers reasonable prices and that even if customers were paying for cooked giant freshwater prawns, charging customers up to RM50 was simply too much.

Meanwhile, some netizens questioned why the food taken by the customers appeared to be different from what was written on the receipt

The photo shows two plates of rice with similar dishes on it, namely udang galah (giant freshwater prawn) and some long beans. There was also sotong (cuttlefish) on one of the plates.

However, according to the receipt shared by the woman, there was no mention of long beans or sotong.

Image via MyNewsHub
Image via MyNewsHub

Nevertheless, the owner of the eatery has clarified about how the two customers were charged

Local portal Cari News contacted stall owner, Rohainee, who explained that she did not overcharge her customers and that the prices of giant freshwater prawns have been as such.

"The giant freshwater prawns on one of the plates costs RM18 each, so two giant freshwater prawns add up to RM36. The giant freshwater prawns on the other plate are larger, so each costs RM23. Two for RM46," she said, adding that those are 'A grade' giant freshwater prawns.

She told Cari News that 1kg of 'A grade' giant freshwater prawns costs RM80 and she sells them cooked at RM100. She added that some other eateries are charging customers RM120 for 1kg of giant freshwater prawns.

According to Rohainee, the prices of long beans and sotong were accounted for under the 'RM8 nasi putih' (white rice). Meanwhile, the 'RM4 nasi putih' charge was inclusive of the long beans. She added that the customers had two glasses of fruit juice which cost RM3 each.

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