Man Busted For Trying To Steal A Wallet And Phone Because His Daughter Got Way Too Honest

He was sitting with his wife and daughter on a table right beside the female customer.

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Out of the mouth of babes, amirite? It sure is the case for a man who got outed by his own daughter after he allegedly attempted to steal a female customer's phone and wallet at a fast food restaurant.

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In a Facebook post that has gone viral, the woman wrote that she had gotten up from her table to get more sauce when she saw the man reaching out for the phone and wallet that she was actually keeping an eye on

"There I was peacefully enjoying my yummy messy Chizza. Suddenly, I ran out of chilli sauce, luckily the sauce station is just right next to me. So I got up to get more sauce. Without thinking, I left my phone, keys, and purse on the table, but it was completely visible to me and I did not leave them out of my sight," she wrote. 

"Suddenly this man from the next table reached out for me phone and my purse. I immediately called out, "Hey, tu saya punya (that's mine)." He was shocked and said, 'Oh, ingatkan ade orang tinggalkan tadi. Saya nak pulangkan kat kaunter (I thought someone left it behind. I wanted to bring it to the counter).' Okay, I left it there for less than a minute but never mind, maybe he really did mean well."

The woman dismissed her suspicions as the man returned to his table, which was right beside hers. Then his daughter spoke up.

"When the dude returned to his table, which was just beside mine, his little daughter said, 'Baba cakap nak curi tepon ngan dompet purple tu bagi adik. Cepat laa ambik (Baba you said you wanted to steal the phone and purple wallet for me. Hurry up and grab it),' she recalled.

"Kids are so damn honest. It was so awkward because they know that I heard it, but they still pretended that everything was normal and continued eating. The kid then insisted, 'Cakap nak ambik bg adik tadi. Nak telefon purple (You said you wanted to take it for me just now. I want the purple phone).'

That's when they got fed up and quickly got up, wrapped up their stuff and left."

The incident left her dumbfounded. While she acknowledged that it might be her fault for "leaving her belongings unattended", she questioned the man for setting a bad example for his daughter

"What kind of lesson are you teaching your young daughter? That it is alright to take another personโ€™s belonging? Not cool, sir," she lamented. 

Posted on Sunday, 3 December, the post was shared close to 3,000 times with many criticising the little girl's "irresponsible" parents for their behaviour

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Local artist Masato Kenya even made a comic strip inspired by the viral post

However, the woman later made her post private after she was allegedly criticised for being "careless" on a separate viral thread. She added that the post was "never intended to humiliate or incriminate others".

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"I've turned off the notifications to my previous post and made it available to friends only ... I agree the whole thing was completely my fault, I even stated that first and foremost. That guy was not a thief like some of you had stated, he was an opportunist at best," she wrote

"Originally the post was only meant as a reminder to my friends to never be as careless as I did, it was never intended to humiliate or incriminate others ... I for one do not believe in the power of viral judging, humiliating and punishing people.

Some have wisely stated that kids says the darnedest things which sometimes embarrass parents and I agree ... Dude was probably embarrassed and never got the chance to explain himself, and if this silly viral s*** storm ever reaches the guy, Iโ€™m truly sorry and you have a chance to reach out to me discreetly if you mean well and explain." 

Be that as it may, FB users maintained that she had nothing to apologise for as the post served as a "reminder" for the public to be careful of less scrupulous people

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