HK Store Refunds RM18K & Apologises To Family Involved In Smashed Golden Teletubby Statue

The store decided to offer a refund after receiving online backlash and reviewing a video of the moment the toy fell over.

Cover image via Hong Kong Free Press

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A couple in Hong Kong was forced to pay HKD33,600 (about RM18,800) after a toy store claimed that their son kicked an expensive item on display, causing it to smash into pieces

According to Hong Kong Free Press, the father, Cheng, recounted the incident on Commercial Radio on the morning of 24 May.

Cheng and his family had visited KK Plus, a designer toy store in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, two days prior.

He recalled that he was taking a phone call outside of the store when he suddenly heard a loud smash. He walked back in to find his son standing over a giant golden Teletubby figure that had fallen and broken into pieces.

"My son was motionless. He was staring down, looking at the toy," Cheng said.

The father said that KK Plus staff then told him and his wife that their son was seen kicking the Teletubby toy and asked them to pay for it.

He agreed as he thought it was really his son's fault and ended up paying HKD33,600 instead of the actual retail price of HKD52,800 (about RM29,543).

Before it shattered to pieces, the golden-coloured Teletubby figure stood at 1.8m tall on display.

The incident has sparked widespread debate on social media over who was really at fault, with netizens accusing KK Plus of scamming the father

Then a video of the incident started circulating online.

The video shows Cheng's son leaning slightly against the toy before it tips over and smashes to the ground. Cheng then realised that his son was wrongly accused.

People online also questioned why the store had not cordoned off the fragile toy to prevent people getting close to it.

KK Plus said that since last November, the Teletubby figure has been in the same spot and that it "had not brought any inconvenience to customers".

Image via China Press

Amidst the online backlash, KK Plus gave the family a full refund and apologised for causing the inconvenience

KK Plus is operated by Kidsland International Holdings Limited, a listed toy retailer and distributor in China.

The store's manager admitted in an interview with HK01 that the store had not taken enough precautionary steps. He added that the store has also removed all toys that are over one metre tall and would conduct a review for the future.

Image via Kidsland China

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