"Daddy Hugs Kakak" — A Man In Singapore Caught Having An Affair With Maid

The maid could face one year's imprisonment for conceiving a child with the man in Singapore.

Cover image via Lianhe Wanbao

A man living in Singapore was caught having an affair with a maid he and his girlfriend hired thanks to their daughter's strange comment

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the man is a China national who moved to Singapore with his girlfriend 10 years ago.

Although they are not legally married, the couple has a daughter together and had been living in the same residence for many years.

Due to busy work schedules, the couple decided to hire a maid in 2017 to look after their child. The maid was 25 years old then.

"The other party looked simple and well-behaved, but occasionally there were some conflicts in getting along, so I asked my boyfriend to communicate with the maid," said the girlfriend, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Little did she know that hiring a helper at home would lead her long-time partner to cheat behind her back.

Image via Lianhe Wanbao

Speaking to the Chinese daily, the girlfriend revealed that she started suspecting her boyfriend after her daughter made a strange comment one day

Last year, out of the blue, her daughter told her that "daddy hugs kakak", a Bahasa Malaysia word for 'sister' but which is often used to address a maid as well.

The girlfriend confronted her boyfriend on this, but the latter dismissed it, contending that their daughter was just talking nonsense.

However, the girlfriend had been suspicious since. With careful observation, she realised that her life-long partner treated the maid attentively.

She said even though their daughter's school was 10 minutes away by foot, her boyfriend often insisted on driving them there and sending the maid home right after.

Seeing that the maid could be a problem in her family, the girlfriend laid out a plan to send the maid home ahead of her contracted final date

China Press reported that the girlfriend personally sent the maid to the airport and watched the latter walk into the terminal before heading home.

But even after the maid had left, her relationship with her boyfriend did not get any better.

According to her, the boyfriend went out to work every day even during the circuit breaker period, Singapore's version of Movement Control Order (MCO).

She also said her boyfriend no longer came home to cook for her and their daughter.

One day, as she was checking her boyfriend's phone, she was shocked to discover that the maid did not return to Indonesia and was still living in Singapore.

She also found out that the maid gave birth to a child with her boyfriend in May 2020.

She suspected that they conceived the baby when she went back to China in August last year, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The maid often shares photos of luxury cosmetic products that are believed to be gifted by the boyfriend.

Image via Lianhe Wanbao

Furious by her discovery, she confronted her boyfriend again, but he denied it

The boyfriend only admitted later that he rented a place elsewhere for the maid.

He had moved out of their house since, and these days, he only comes back to visit their daughter once in a while.

The girlfriend tried to bring the matter to the police, but the enforcement officers said they could not take action against the maid as she has a valid working permit.

She was referred to Singapore's Ministry of Manpower. There, she faced another hurdle as she and her boyfriend are not legally married, and that she is not the employer of the maid. Thus, charging the maid was not a straightforward process.

However, the ministry later told her that the maid can be charged under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. 

Under the law, a person with a working permit is not allowed to get pregnant and deliver a child in Singapore unless they are married to a Singaporean or permanent citizen.

If convicted, the maid could face up to SGD10,000 (about RM30,500) in fine, 12 months' jail, or both, reported AsiaOne.

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