Dato Seri Vida's Daughter Uses Her Own Funds To Help People Who Wave #BenderaPutih In Ipoh

In an Instagram video, 16-year-old Cik B said that she wanted to go around Ipoh to find any households that have raised the white flag, asking for aid.

Cover image via @cikb_havoc66 (Instagram)

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Dato Seri Vida's daughter, commonly known as Cik B, recently garnered netizen's attention for helping people who raise #BenderaPutih

In an Instagram video, 16-year-old Cik B, whose real name is Edlynn Zamilleen, said that she wanted to go around Ipoh to find any households that have raised the white flag, asking for aid.

The video garnered over 179,635 views and 29,144 likes.

In the clip, Cik B can be seen purchasing groceries in bulk to be distributed among several families in need

She said, "Tomorrow I will distribute the items. So if you want, you can tell me where you're at but only within Ipoh, okay? Including Chemor, Chepor, Manjoi, Lembah Kinta, and Meru areas. This is only more or less of what I can afford to give."

Her mother noted that she had never seen her daughter as happy as this.

"She's smiling from ear to ear. Giving is what makes her happy. If it were up to her, she'd sell her gold, all of her expensive items, just so she can give it away to others."

The flamboyant businesswoman imitated the way her daughter asked for her permission to purchase the items.

"How did you ask me? 'Mama, I want to buy items to donate to others, I want to use my own money, I'd like to go out'," she said.

In another posting, the teenager, who has become a TV personality herself, shared with followers a clip of her and her brother sending essential items such as food and diapers to the houses of those in need.

She then urged others in Ipoh to leave comments under her video if they needed contributions as well. 

Netizens applauded the teenager for her act of kindness

"Well done, Cik B love. We need more good people like you," one person commented.

Image via Instagram

Another comment read, "Masyaallah, you have such a kind soul. May Allah bless you and your family, Cik B."

Image via Instagram

"That's lovely. I love you so much Cik B. Such a humble person and ready to protect her people. You have maturity at such a young age. Keep it up Cik B cutie," said another user.

Image via Instagram

Earlier this week, Dato Seri Vida landed in controversy after saying that those who raise #BenderaPutih are lazy:

Here are other initiatives you can support if you'd like to follow in Cik B's steps and help those in need:

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