Daughter Gifts Dad New Motorcycle After He Had To Sell His Old One To Pay For Her Studies

The father cherished his old motorcycle as it was a gift from his late wife. However, he sacrificed it for his daughter's future.

Cover image via @wanaisyahs009 (TikTok)

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Five years ago, a father in Terengganu had to sell his motorcycle to pay for his daughter's studies. While the motorcycle was a gift from his late wife, the father sacrificed his cherished possession for her future.

The father, Wan Razali Wan Mohd, shared that it was hard to let go of the motorcycle, but he had no choice as things were tough and there was no other way to come up with the money for his daughter's studies.

"I had no choice but to sell the motorcycle to a used vehicle agent for RM1,000," he told Harian Metro.

According to Wan Razali, who turned 58 last month, he experienced intense sadness as the motorcycle had "sentimental value, wonderful memories, and one of the priceless gifts that my wife gave me".

It was a Honda EX5 that his late wife gave him about 20 years ago on his birthday.

"...she knew I preferred riding a motorcycle ... when she died, I was jobless, but I needed to find ways to support my children," he shared, adding that his eldest daughter was about to enter college at the time.

Now, the daughter, having finished her studies and working, has gifted her father a new motorcycle share her rezeki (good fortune) with him

The daughter, Wan Nuraisyah, surprised him with the gift on 14 September to celebrate his 58th birthday.

She posted a video on her TikTok account, @wanaisyahs009, where it has gone viral, showing how her father is not able to hold back his tears when he saw the new motorcycle.

"My father has given up a lot, including the motorcycle given by my late mother, to ensure that I can continue my studies. I now have a job and a stable income," Nuraisyah shared.

An emotional Wan Razali said he was not expecting anything in return as whatever he did was his fatherly duty to provide for her

The father of two said he was overcome with sadness and gratitude when he saw the new motorcycle.

"I felt sad because my late wife gave me a motorcycle and now my daughter is doing the same. I do not expect anything in return (from my daughter) as it is my fatherly duty to provide for her," he added.

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