A Local Claimed That DBKL Changed The White Parking Lines To Yellow Without Prior Notice

Locals claimed that they were given a 'saman' and had their cars clamped when they parked in the designated white parking lots in Sri Petaling.

Cover image via Sri Petaling 大城堡/Facebook

A local claimed that they were fined and their car was clamped even after they parked in a designated parking lot with white lines

According to a Facebook post, they alleged that DBKL changed the white parking lines that were meant for public parking to yellow lines, which were meant for reserved bays.

The local said that they even paid the parking fee that was imposed in that area but were still slapped with a RM100-fine

"It's a trap for many people who are not aware of this. This is a trap and daily people sure 'kena' clamp if they parked here. They should paint it in black to erase the white lines," they said in the Facebook post.

A commenter on the post claimed that DBKL implemented the change long ago

"SP's parking lots have changed to yellow long ago, so you must look at the parking lots properly next time, notice that the whole SP area is yellow lines, so the white-lined ones are no longer parking lots, or you can just park in The Store."

When asked whether this new rule will be implemented in all of KL, she responded, "I'm not so sure."

There is no official announcement on the change or response to the incident from DBKL as of 16 September

Meanwhile, DBKL is offering discounts on 'samans' for this month only:

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