A DBKL Officer Severely Hurt Himself While Trying To Save A Puppy Stuck In A Storm Drain

The Malaysia Animal Association has since commended him for the selfless act.

Cover image via Malaysia Animal Association/Facebook

A Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officer, Amran Mat Dali, was walking on the beach with a friend in Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson when he heard a puppy yelping from a drain nearby

Berita Harian reported that while the 40-year-old was off-duty on a family vacation, he did not hesitate to rescue the stray puppy when he saw it was trapped in a large monsoon drain underneath a cemented cover.

Unfortunately, as he stepped closer to help the dog, the drain cover gave way beneath him and he fell a distance of three metres, landing hard, and severely injured his left knee.

"Luckily at the time, my friend and a fisherman nearby called the Teluk Kemang Fire and Rescue Department and the police to help get me out of the drain," Amran told the Malay daily

He was sent to Hospital Port Dickson by ambulance, where it was later determined that he needed surgery for the injured knee.

Amran said he requested to be transferred back to Hospital Kuala Lumpur but first quickly made a police report about the incident in Teluk Kemang.

"I didn't expect to face this unfortunate incident on our last day of holidaying in Port Dickson. We were supposed to return to Kuala Lumpur," said the father of three.

He added that he has contacted Port Dickson's municipal council (MPPD) and the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (JPS) to report the drain cover that he said was too thin and dangerous.

"There will be more victims if this project is taken lightly, it is a threat to public safety," he said.

However, MPPD has denied that the drains were under their administration, following which JPS promised to investigate the matter.

Despite all that went on, Amran assured that his friend had rescued the puppy they initially heard crying for help

Amran's heroic effort, although ending in injury, gained the attention of Malaysia Animal Association, and the local organisation's president Arie Dwi Andika went to visit him in the hospital to give him a token of appreciation.

"These are the values and traits that the authorities should have towards stray dogs," said the organisation on their Facebook page while sharing Amran's story.

"This is proof that not all local authority officers do not like or are hostile towards stray dogs. Instead, they carry on their job according to the law and the responsibilities of their work."

Netizens were also moved by Amran's selfless act, hailing him a hero and wishing him a speedy recovery

"Unsung hero. A true animal lover. Thank you and get well soon," said a Facebook user.

"I hope you recover fully. God bless you sir, with good health and a happy life for saving the dog," said another user.

While this user said, "Thank you Mr Amran for your sacrifice in helping an animal in need."

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