Disturbing Video Shows Father Beating And Throwing Around Wailing Toddler To Make Her Walk

In another video, he justifies beating his daughter saying he was teaching "her to walk".

Cover image via Security_Gov/Twitter

Disturbing video footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

A minute and 36-seconds long video that shows a father beating and throwing around his daughter to make her stand has gone viral

The video, which has extremely disturbing footage of the father mercilessly assaulting and abusing the baby girl, was angered many on the Internet.

Several prominent celebrities and influencers shared the video on their social media platforms to push authorities to find the father and save the girl.

Some also tagged Unicef, the UN agency dealing with children-related issues.

In the video, the father is seen repeatedly hitting the baby girl

He slaps her without any consideration and when the wailing toddler is unable to stand, the man picks her up by both her arms and starts dropping her from a height in the air.

He repeats this five times in less than 20 seconds.

After the video went viral, Omar Zorba, a famous Jordanian blogger, shared details about the man saying he lives in Saudi Arabia

"He is known to be a weird man by his colleagues. He doesn’t speak to any of them and none of them even know his phone number. He has two girls and a boy," he said.

In another video posted on Instagram, the man justified his act, saying he wanted to teach his daughter to walk by beating her

He also claimed that the video of his beating his daughter is old and that his wife who left the house two weeks ago was the one who published the video to get revenge.

"I was teaching the girl to walk, look she is walking well now," the father showed the girl in the video, who appears to be older now, and started apologising.

"I've been taking care of my four children for the last two weeks. They are not abused now. They are all fine. It's an old video and I have repented to God. Back then I was going through psychological problems," he added.

Meanwhile, in an update posted on Twitter, the Saudi Police announced that the man, who is a Palestinian resident, was arrested

"Riyadh police arrest a Palestinian resident for torturing his 3-year-old daughter and provide care for his four children in coordination with the concerned authorities."

Close home, a toddler has died allegedly at the hands of his mother's four friends at Taman Hatib in Semporna, Sabah:

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