Dog Crashes Vehicle Into Shop After Owner Leaves It Alone In The Driver's Seat

Doggo didn’t pass his driving test.

Cover image via Sina

Owners of a mobile shop in China had the shock of their lives when an electric tricycle crashed into their store

Image via Sina

But it wasn't because of the damaged storefront. They were totally caught off guard to discover what - not who - was behind the wheel.

Image via Sina

Daily Mail reported that the vehicle smashed through the front of a mobile phone shop in Jiangsu, Taixing, destroying the door and counter before coming to a halt. 

The driver's seat appears to be empty until we see a dog's head sheepishly pops up. 

The vehicle belonging to the owner of a neighbouring fruit stall, had been left running with the keys in the ignition, giving the cheeky canine the chance to go on a very brief joy ride after it accidentally pressed on the gas pedal

Chinese news outlet Sina said the owner had also left his dog in the front seat before leaving the vehicle.

Thankfully, no one was harmed in the incident. 

You can watch the playful animal's escapade here:

Might want to go easy on the gas pedal next time, doggo

Image via Tenor

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