12-Year-Old Boy Steals His Parents' Credit Card And Flies Solo To Bali After Family Fight

"It was great because I wanted to go on adventure."

Cover image via Traveller (edited)

Someone is going to be grounded for a long, long time.

After an argument with his mother, a 12-year-old Australian boy thought it was a good idea to use the family credit card and book himself a solo trip to Bali.

It was reported by The Guardian that the boy purchased the ticket from an airline that allows 12-year-olds to fly without adult supervision. 

He then booked a hotel room and tricked his grandmother into giving him his passport. 

Given the pseudonym Drew by Australian talk show 'A Current Affair', the boy subsequently lied to his family about going to school and rode his scooter to a nearby train station before taking the commute to the airport, where he boarded a flight to Perth and then, Indonesia

The Guardian verified that the boy made the trip, who was only quizzed by airport staff once to prove his age.

"They just asked for my student ID and passport to prove that I’m over 12 and that I’m in secondary school," he told 'A Current Affair'. 

Upon arrival, Drew checked himself in to All Seasons Hotel and told staff that he was waiting for his sister to join him

All Seasons Hotel, Bali. The kid has good taste.

Image via Trip Advisor

"It was great because I wanted to go on an adventure," the 12-year-old added.

After being reported absent from his school, the boy’s family searched for him, only to discover that he was in Bali all on his own. His mother Emma flew over to collect him.

"Shocked, disgusted, there’s no emotion to feel what we felt when we found he left overseas," Emma said when asked how she felt about his son's little escapade.

She added that Drew always hated hearing the word "no".

Not sure if kids are getting smarter or more reckless nowadays. Last year, an eight-year-old boy taught himself how to drive to McDonald's after watching a YouTube clip:

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