Dog Rescuer Grateful For RM50 From An Abang Who Saw She Needed Help

It was the first time in five years of rescuing strays that anyone had given her money.

Cover image via Mandy Yeap/Facebook

A woman was deeply touched when a kind stranger gave her some money after seeing that she had a rescued dog in her car

Mandy Yeap said it was the first time in five years of rescuing strays that anyone had given her money as a sign of appreciation.

Sharing her wholesome experience on Facebook, she said it happened soon after she brought the recently-rescued stray to see a veterinarian in Puchong.

She was merely on the way to a friend's house in Serdang when she realised that it looked thirsty after the clinic visit.

She decided to stop at a petrol station to get some water because she was concerned that it might suffer from heatstroke

"As I came out from the toilet with water in a styrofoam box that was earlier used to contain my breakfast, this Malay man seeing I had trouble opening my car door helped me instead," Yeap told Malay Mail.

The abang, as she called him in her Facebook post, then saw the dog in the passenger seat and immediately asked her if there was anything wrong.

"I told him that I had recently rescued it off the streets and was worried it didn't have enough water to drink and was thirsty," she said.

Although it was just a short exchange, he replied, "You're a really good person. The heavens will definitely be watching over you," and went off to the convenience store.

Yeap rescued these puppies from a dumpster last year and was hoping to find them new homes.

Image via Mandy Yeap/Facebook

She was about to leave after making sure the dog had enough water when she heard the abang coming back and trying to hail her down

He made his way towards her and handed her an RM50 note, saying, "This is for the doggy to see a doctor."

Yeap said she initially declined the money. However, he insisted that the money was not for her, but for the good of the dog and some of its medical expenses.

"He said even though it was not much, he wanted to do some charity for the dog," she wrote on her personal account and accepted the money in the end.

"I swear at that point I wanted to cry as this was the first time someone actually gave me money in my years of rescuing strays."

She was even more surprised when she wanted to thank him by asking his name but was refused.

The abang simply said, "God knows" and went back to his car.

Yeap's Facebook post of the encounter has received over 8,700 reactions and been shared over 2,900 times since it was posted on Monday, 3 August

Netizens showed appreciation for both the individuals - one for the small donation and the other for keeping strays off the streets.

Many highlighted it was an exceptionally kind deed by the Malay man, considering the general taboo surrounding dogs in his religion.

A netizen who introduced himself as a Malay Muslim said he was really touched by the story despite admitting that dogs were not to his liking.

"For my friend, Mandy Yeap, keep up the good work. Dogs are also God's creation. And for abang, you are truly a Malaysian. Bravo," he said.

Another Facebook user said, "Good people are not determined by race. There are some who may not like dogs, but they will still help cats. Regardless, good people will always be rewarded."

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