"Don't Clear My Table" – Woman Goes Into Labour But Tells Restaurant She's Coming Back

The customer asked the waiter not to clear her table as she had only taken a few bites from her meal.

Cover image via Yuthaphum Kaewkhem (Facebook)

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A woman in Bangkok, Thailand, has gained global attention after she requested an eatery to not clear her table, claiming that she will complete her mookata meal after delivering her child

The incident came to light after it was shared on Facebook by the owner of the mookata (Thai-style barbecue steamboat) eatery, Yuthaphum Kaewkhem, on 17 October.

According to Yuthaphum, he was alerted to the situation when one of his employees told him that a pregnant customer's water had broken and that an ambulance was on its way.

Yuthaphum said he was taken aback when he heard that the woman had asked the waiter not to clear her table as she had only taken a few bites from her meal

In his post, the owner stated that the woman, who is a regular customer at the restaurant, claimed that she would return and continue her meal if she did not give birth after reaching the hospital.

In an effort to persuade the woman, Yuthaphum instructed his staff to inform the customer that she could enjoy free meals for the next nine months if she proceeded to the hospital to give birth immediately.

"Tell the customer I'll give her free meals for the next nine months. For now, she needs to focus on giving birth," read the conversation shared by the owner on Facebook.

In a follow-up post, the restaurant owner shared a video of him visiting the customer and her child at the hospital the next day

During his visit, Yuthaphum gifted the mother with food, a mookata grill pan, and several other kitchen utensils.

According to The Straits Times, the woman did not expect to go into labour that particular day as the expected due date for the baby was set for 27 October.

The restaurant owner, Yuthaphum Kaewkhem (right), posing with the customer and her newborn.

Image via Yuthaphum Kaewkhem (Faceboook)

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