If You Don't Wear A Mask In Jakarta, You'll Be Put In A Coffin As Punishment

Authorities have been told to stop imposing this rule as it is not in line with the governor's regulations.

Cover image via AFP/BBC News & The Siasat Daily (Facebook)

People who are caught without wearing a mask in East Jakarta were required to lie in a coffin as punishment to "contemplate their actions"

On 5 September, BBC News shared several images of men lying inside a fake coffin to show what happens if people violate mask-wearing rules.

"With COVID-19 there is a risk of them being laid inside a real coffin," head of the East Jakarta Public Order Agency Budhy Novian said, according to Anadolu Agency.

"We want everyone to realise that wearing a mask is a must because if they violate the basic protocols, they could be infected and die in the very worst-case scenario," he continued.

If they pick the 'coffin punishment', they have to lay inside an open casket for a whole minute

According to Khaleej Times, those in Pasar Rebo, East Jakarta who are caught, have the option to lay inside a coffin, pay a fine, or to do community service work.

However, The Jakarta Post recently noted that authorities are not allowed to impose this rule anymore because it is not in line with the governor's orders for those who violate mask rules.

Meanwhile, Jakarta Municipal police head Arifin claims that it was not an official punishment and that violators volunteered to lie down in coffins while waiting for their community service work.

"We don't impose any punishment other than those stipulated in the gubernatorial regulation," Arifin said, adding that violators would still need to pay a fine of IDR250,000 (RM70) or do an hour of community service work.

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