Driver Slammed After He Tried To Shame A Drunk Lady For Not Paying The Cab Fare

He had threatened to make the woman "famous."

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A video showing a taxi driver trying to shame a seemingly drunk lady for not paying her cab fare was uploaded on Facebook on Friday, 12 July

The two and a half minute long video has since gathered over 1,000 comments and 2,000 shares on Facebook.

According to, the driver claimed that he picked the passenger up from Raffles Place, Singapore.

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The taxi driver could be heard repeatedly saying, "Do you want to pay the taxi fare?" in the video

Although the lady said she would pay the fare, the taxi driver did not seem to listen to her, insisting that she pay the fare on the spot.

At times, the driver kept interrupting the woman in the video, not offering her a chance to speak.

"I want to get the money from my bag," the lady said as she tried to look for her bag. 

However, the man could be heard saying that the lady did not have any belongings with her when he picked her up.

The driver claimed that the "innocent" lady was trying to get away from paying the fare

"You are wasting my time, you are wasting everybody's time. And make sure I will make you famous," the taxi driver said.

Towards the end of the video, the man called the lady "young and beautiful but brain full of water", adding that the police were coming.

Netizens slammed the taxi driver for trying to shame the lady when she needed help

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Some netizens suggested that the taxi driver should have just sent her home and claim the fare from her family while one user said that he "didn't have to pick her up in the first place."

One user even said that this incident was "why he opted to ride with Grab instead."

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