Got A Suggestion On How To Improve The Education System? Dr Maszlee Wants To Hear From You

The Education Minister has set up an online form to receive submissions.

If you have any opinions on how Malaysia's education system can be improved, you can now submit your suggestions and complaints to Education Minister Dr. Maszlee Malik via an official online form

In light of countless messages and comments Dr. Maszlee has received on social media vis-à-vis his new portfolio, the Education Minister has taken the initiative to make it easier for the public to express their views on the country's education system.

The form is open to submissions from any member of the public, including students, teachers, parents, as well as employees of the Education Ministry (MOE) and representatives from non-profit organisations (NGO)

All suggestions and complaints filed via the Google form will then be collected for the minister to review.

The form is currently open for submissions here

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