Employer Gets Backlash After Calling A Student "Entitled" Over Virtual Interview Request

Netizens agreed that the intern dodged a bullet.

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An employer said that "the future is f-cked" after an internship candidate requested an online interview

In a Facebook post, the employer stated that he agreed to interview a Singaporean student for an internship position at his company after the student stated that she had recently left another company due to a toxic environment.

He went on to say that the student accepted his face-to-face interview invitation, but after 19 minutes, she requested an online interview, which he didn't find amusing.

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"This intern is the very reason why I absolutely welcome foreigners who are hungry and hardworking to work here. F-ck all these rules and laws protecting entitled Singaporeans," he said.

The employer also shared his conversation with the student, displaying how quickly he cancelled the interview after receiving the virtual interview request.

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Netizens were not pleased with the employer's Facebook post

In this day and age where most job interviews are conducted virtually, it's not shocking that most netizens disagreed with the employer's views after reading his post.

The comment section was flooded with netizens who said that the intern had dodged a bullet and saved herself from working with yet another toxic company.

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Another pointed out that the student had asked politely, which did not warrant such a response.

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In response to the backlash, the employer made another Facebook post explaining why he responded to the student in that manner

According to the employer, he has worked with incompetent interns who were not able to use Adobe Photoshop even though they had spent years studying the software during their time in college.

He added that some interns took lunch breaks longer than the given time, and some would clock in late for their shifts as they overslept while working from home.

"It’s maddening and frustrating when you see the lack of hunger the local students showcase compared to the can-do attitude of the foreign students I came across when I was teaching part-time," he said.

He finally clarified that he reacted that way because he was frustrated that the student did not provide a proper explanation for why she would prefer a virtual interview.

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Meanwhile, a post on Facebook recently went viral after an employer lost her cool and vented her frustrations about an employee who quit on his third day of work:

In June, a 20-year-old business owner shared an appalling conversation she had with a part-time employee who had the audacity to ask for her salary despite not coming into work:

In May, a food vendor in Johor is appalled by a staff he hired as she had called in sick and taken emergency leave more than the days she actually worked during her 40-day stint:

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