Enhanced MCO For 2 Areas In Kluang Includes House Curfews For Locals And Visitors

Additionally, all business activities in the areas have been ordered to close.

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A two-week 'lockdown' has been issued for two areas in Kluang, Johor after a high number of COVID-19 cases recorded there

The 'lockdown' comes in the form of an Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO), according to a statement by Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob issued at 9pm Thursday, 26 March.

The EMCO was issued for two specific areas in Simpang Renggam as the areas recorded 61 positive cases of Covid-19 out of the 83 in Kluang. It comes into effect from midnight tonight and will continue till 9 April.

In the statement, the Senior Minister said the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed that the 61 new cases were from Kampung Dato' Ibrahim Majid and Bandar Baharu Dato' Ibrahim Majid.

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"We have to do it to contain the spread of COVID-19 cases in the two areas. This move will enable the detection of those infected through house to house checks over the next 14 days," he added.

The EMCO affects some 3,570 residents from 650 families

All residents and visitors who are already in the two areas will now not be allowed to move out of their houses throughout the two-week period of the EMCO.

Additionally, non-locals will not be allowed to enter the areas with all entry points blocked.

All business activities in the areas have been ordered to close for the duration of the EMCO.

Food will be delivered through the Social Welfare Department.

Ismail said that a medical base will be opened for the convenience of those affected.

Police officers, Armed Forces, Civil Defence Force, and People's Volunteer Corps (RELA) personnel will be stationed in the areas

The minister asked those affected to remain calm and give their full co-operation to the authorities.

"They must follow all the instructions that are given," he added.

Here's the statement issued by the Defence Minister:

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