Angry Woman Who Flung SUV Licence Plate At JB Checkpoint Says She Was 'Protecting Her Son'

The incident happened at Malaysia-Singapore Second Link while trying to go through the immigration checkpoint.

Cover image via SG Road Vigilante (Facebook) & Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 (Facebook)

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A series of videos of a woman blocking a Toyota Alphard with her body on the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link has gone viral online

Dashcam footage from the black sports utility vehicle (SUV) shows the woman sitting in the passenger seat of a red Kia sedan. A man's seemingly annoyed voice can be heard in the video calling the driver stupid for having scratched their car.

It is understood from the videos that the Toyota was trying to overtake the Kia sedan on the road. After making way for the Toyota SUV, the driver of the Kia sedan changes his mind and closes the gap, which results in both of their cars being scratched.

A road quarrel then ensues.

At first, a man from the Toyota can be seen arguing with the driver and passenger of the Kia. The female passenger was seen holding up her phone and was believed to be recording the incident from her side.

In one of the videos the man gets into his car, and then the woman decides to stand in front of it in an attempt to block the SUV's way

She can be seen standing with a confident expression and stance and did not budge, even when the car moved forward slightly or when the man threatened to call the police.

The driver of the larger vehicle kept pushing the woman forward, and she can be seen in several videos struggling to hold the car back.

The dashcam then captures the woman gesturing to the other cars on the road to keep moving, all whilst being honked at, presumably to further antagonise the SUV driver.

In her last fit of rage, she rips off the SUV's number plate and throws it at the car's windshield. She then leaves and hurries back into the passenger seat of the Kia.

The woman in the video later defended her actions, saying that she was only trying to protect her son, who was the driver of the red Kia sedan

The woman told Shin Min Daily News that they were on the way to visit relatives in Malaysia that day when the traffic was very heavy.

While stuck in traffic, they noticed the Toyota SUV trying to cut in line towards the immigration checkpoint.

When it came to their turn, they did not make way for the SUV to cut in, but the Toyota kept forcing its way through, which led to a minor collision and the aforementioned quarrel.

The woman explained that she was going to let the incident slide as the scratches were only minor, but she claimed that the driver of the SUV yelled vulgarities at her son, challenged him to a one-on-one fight, and also refused to be reasonable before getting back into his car.

This led her to block the Toyota SUV. She added that she did not expect the car to keep moving when she was standing in front of it, causing her thighs to be scratched by the licence plate of the car. Angered, she ripped it off and threw it at the car's windshield.

Johor police are now looking for the woman after the driver of the SUV lodged a police report

According to a statement posted on Facebook, the SUV driver was returning to Singapore from residential development Forest City in Johor.

Iskandar Puteri district police chief ACP Rahmat Ariffin said there were no injuries but the victim's car was lightly damaged.

He added that the woman allegedly harassed the SUV driver by yelling obscenities to his family and passersby.

The case is being investigated under Section 427 of the Penal Code for mischief.

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