"Every Woman Need Men" - IMU Medical Student Gets Called Out For His Sexist FB Comment

"This is what happens when women think they can do everything on their own and be independent," he posted while commenting on the death of actress Emily Kong.

Cover image via Emily Kong 江倩龄 & Darryl Quah (edited)

A medical student at the International Medical University of Malaysia (IMU) is being called out by outraged netizens for his sexist and insensitive comment on a news report about artist Emily Kong, who was killed in an accident on Saturday, 9 March

29-year-old Emily Kong, a singer and actress, was killed after her car crashed into a tree in front of the NSK Trade City Kuchai Lama at 3.20am, 9 March.

After the news about her fatal accident was posted online by The Star on its Facebook page, the IMU medical student joined others in offering his condolences.

He posted that Emily could have avoided the accident had she not left the pub alone. The Star's report has no mention of Emily being in a pub prior to the accident.

In his comment, the IMU medical student suggested that the Malaysian artist died because she thought she could do everything on her own and be independent.

"Condolences.. I hope all the girls learn a good lesson now.. Never leave the pub without a guy.. Man and woman work together.. We offer you a safe drive home and you give us makeout or sex.. I mean girls like sex too right.. This is what happens when women think they can do everything on their own and be independent.. Every woman need men," read the IMU medical student's comment, which he has now deleted.

A screenshot of his since-deleted comment has gone viral:

Image via FB

However, prior to deleting his comment, the man who is studying to become a doctor, stood his grounds, saying women are bad drivers

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People have since been trying to get the man to face actions from IMU. They have tagged the medical university on social media.

They have also started a petition on Change.Org, urging the International Medical University to stop him from becoming a doctor

At the time of writing this SAYS story, the petition, which was started earlier today, has surpassed its first goal of 500 signatures, with the next target set at 1,000 signs.

Image via Change.Org

Meanwhile, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of IMU, Peter Pook, has addressed the issue, saying he will bring this up in the university

While responding to a comment on the viral screenshot, Peter Pook said that the matter was brought to his attention by another IMU-ian yesterday evening.

"I wrote to the student and requested that he should 1) delete/withdraw his online comments and 2) apologise. I understand that he has cooperated with the item (1).

"Personally, as all IMU-ians know, we must practise our respective healthcare role with professionalism, ethics AND with empathy. There will be further discussion on this particular case at our university. I am sincerely sorry and sad for the student's insensitive remarks which has caused so much pain to the family, friends and the general public.

"Finally, my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Emily for their sad loss. I pray that God grant Emily a peaceful eternal rest," the Deputy Vice-Chancellor wrote.

The man has since said that he is formally retracting his comment in the post and that he has already removed it. "I apologise to women in general and whomever else who feels offended for whatever reason," the IMU student posted in his apology late last night.

However, he went on to add that his comment was about people being in an open relationship and how partners going with others is normal.

"To clarify, anybody who has or is in an open relationship would understand that this is a normal happening. We go out at night with a special person for drinking and we drop them home safely. We send them home. We protect them.

"And if they invite us to their place we go and be with them. We kiss, we bond and we have sex. Our role is to protect them. In return, they give us a good surprise.

"I forgive those who made this viral despite me removing the comments. I forgive all the hate shown towards me or my acquaintance. I forgive all the vulgar messages I received. And because I forgive, I have not been affected by this at all.

"Your hatred has not got to me. I also forgive those instigating by misrepresenting the comments to get more likes. This is a social media disease.

"Let me be the bigger man here and not stoop to profanity or low level of language."

Read about Emily Kong's accident here:


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