IMU Responds After Petition Over Its Student's Controversial Comment Goes Viral

The petition urged people "to do the right thing".

Cover image via Change.Org & IMU

The International Medical University of Malaysia (IMU) has now responded to people asking the medical university to take action against its student, whose comment sparked a huge controversy

Outraged netizens have been calling out the IMU student, who had commented on a Facebook post by The Star about a Malaysian actress's fatal accident, suggesting that she could have avoided the accident had she not left the pub alone.

To bring the matter to IMU, a Change.Org petition was created on 10 March, urging people "to do the right thing" by preventing the student from becoming a doctor.

The petition has since gone viral, quickly gaining more than 12,000 signatures.

Image via Change.Org

At the time of writing this SAYS story, the Change.Org petition was still going strong, with every three to four people signing it per minute.

In their response, which was posted as an update on the petition page, the IMU said that they "do not condone such a behaviour"

The country's leading private medical university, while thanking people for their concern, said that "as an institution, we do not condone such a behaviour."

IMU also said that while they "will attend to this matter internally", the university "will not be making any further statement," according to the update on the petition page.

Image via Change.Org

The person who created the petition has since thanked IMU for responding but hoped that the university's course of action against the student will be made public once the matter is fully investigated

However, checks by SAYS on IMU's official pages on Facebook and Twitter showed no post regarding the matter concerning the student's controversial comment.

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