"F#cker, You Wanna Kena Whack?" — Maskless Man Goes Berserk At Nasi Lemak Stall In KL

A video of the incident has gone viral. It shows the nasi lemak seller, her daughter, and another customer wearing masks except for the man dressed in a black singlet. He taunts the other customer to call the police on him for not wearing a mask.

Cover image via @lyncentino (TikTok)

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UPDATE: The maskless man has been arrested.
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In an incident that happened at a nasi lemak stall along Jalan Desa Bakti in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 18 July, a maskless man was seen verbally abusing another person after being asked to put on a mask

The incident was recorded on video by a bystander who then shared it with the nasi lemak seller, whose daughter then uploaded it on her TikTok account.

In the video, the nasi lemak seller, her daughter, and another customer is seen wearing masks except for the man, who is dressed in a black singlet and shorts and is seen hurling abuses and taunting the other customer in an orange T-shirt to call the police on him for not wearing a mask.

Not wearing a face mask in public places is an offence under the COVID-19 guidelines.

The video shows the man going berserk while shouting, "What do you wanna do? Call police ah? Call lah, f#cker. What are you waiting for? Your phone got no credit? Need me to buy you credit ah?"

The other man in the orange T-shirt tries to calm the situation by saying "it's okay, it's okay" as he walks towards the other direction of the stall to avoid the maskless man in the black singlet.

However, the man refuses to calm down and continues to berate him.

"It's okay then f#ck off. Don't talk so much. F#ck off. Why the f#ck are you still here, waiting only? F#cker, you wanna kena whack this morning? Sunday morning you wanna kena whack ah?"

At which point, the nasi lemak seller and her daughter intervene.

In follow up videos uploaded on her TikTok, the daughter of the nasi lemak seller offers more details and explanations about the incident

The girl shared that she and her mother had been operating their stall at Taman Desa and that the man in the orange T-shirt was a regular customer.

On Sunday, when they were going about their business, the man in the black singlet comes up.

According to the girl, the man placed an order for two mee hoon and they started packing his order without realising that he was not wearing a face mask.

Suddenly she hears him yelling in front of her after her mother had signalled him to wear a mask.

"Who the hell are you? You're a nasi lemak seller just act like you're selling nasi lemak, don't have to be up in someone else's business," he allegedly told the seller, according to the girl.

"Then, another customer, who's a regular of ours, replied to him that as per SOPs, it's compulsory to wear masks," she shared, adding that the man then just lost his cool and wanted to get into a fight.

A police report has since been lodged by the 22-year-old girl

Brickfields deputy police chief SP Basri Sagoni said that they received a report from the 22-year-old after the man allegedly scolded and used foul language on her mother and a customer in front of her stall.

The case is being investigated under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation and Rule 17(1) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Regulations 2021.

Basri asked the public not to speculate on the viral video and urged those with information about the incident to contact the Brickfields police hotline at 03-22979222.

Remember to limit your movement and keep practising physical distancing. Watch the latest update on the COVID-19 situation:

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