Maskless Man Who Went Berserk At Nasi Lemak Seller In KL Has Now Been Arrested

The man is being remanded at the Brickfields district police station until Wednesday, 21 July.

Cover image via @lyncentino (TikTok)

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A 33-year-old man, who was caught on video hurling abuses after being asked to put on a mask at a nasi lemak stall along Jalan Desa Bakti in Kuala Lumpur was arrested from his house last night, 19 July

Brickfields deputy police chief SP Basri Sagoni confirmed the arrest earlier today, 20 July.

"The man was arrested last night and remanded this morning to facilitate investigations into the alleged threats he made against one of the stall customers" New Straits Times quoted Basri as saying.

The man is being remanded at the Brickfields district police station until 21 July.

The man is being investigated under multiple charges

He is being investigated under Section 506 of the Penal Code for criminal intimidation.

The man is also being investigated under Regulation 17(1) of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Disease (Measures Within Infected Local Areas (Movement Control) Regulations 2021 for violating the standard operating procedures (SOPs) against COVID-19, according to Basri.

In the video of the incident that happened on Sunday, the man, dressed in a black singlet, is seen hurling abuses and taunting another customer at the stall to call the police on him for not wearing a mask

In the video, the nasi lemak seller, her daughter, and another customer is seen wearing masks except for the man. He is seen hurling abuses and taunting the other customer in an orange T-shirt.

Not wearing a face mask in public places is an offence under the COVID-19 guidelines.

The video shows the man going berserk while shouting, "What do you wanna do? Call police ah? Call lah, f#cker. What are you waiting for? Your phone got no credit? Need me to buy you credit ah?"

The other man in the orange T-shirt tries to calm the situation by saying "it's okay, it's okay" as he walks towards the other direction of the stall to avoid the maskless man in the black singlet.

However, the man refuses to calm down and continues to berate him.

"It's okay then f#ck off. Don't talk so much. F#ck off. Why the f#ck are you still here, waiting only? F#cker, you wanna kena whack this morning? Sunday morning you wanna kena whack ah?"

At which point, the nasi lemak seller and her daughter intervene.

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