Family Shocked To Find That Their Rented Chalet Looked Like A “Murder House”

Despite paying RM371 for a night, they ended up sleeping on the floor.

Cover image via Emma Emrys Facebook

What was supposed to be a fun retreat turned into a nightmare for Facebook user Emma Emrys and her family when the bungalow that they had rented for RM371 per night turned out worse than advertised

Emma had booked a bungalow at the Chongkak Park and Resort for a family holiday over the last weekend. 

According to their website, the resort is promoted as "one of the best eco-tourism in Selangor" and managed by Tourism Selangor Promosi Sdn Bhd.

In a Facebook post that has gone viral, the 44-year-old housewife wrote that the first red flag was raised when they saw the bungalow's dilapidated exterior upon arrival

"We checked in on Saturday, 7 October, at the bungalow we rented for RM371 per night. The photos provided by the agent who managed the booking looked really nice. But when we arrived, it already looked dilapidated from the outside. Is this a murder house?" she wrote.

Emma's Facebook post, which contained horrifying photos and videos of the bungalow, has been shared over 3,400 times since it was published on Monday, 9 October.

Things took a turn for the worse when the group of 14 stepped through the door. A strong odour of fungus and mildew permeated the air, some pieces of furniture were damaged, and the ceilings and curtain blinds were mouldy.

Not only were the sofas in the living room dusty and torn, Emma found out that one of the beds were already broken when it collapsed just as she was about to put her child down for a nap. The mattresses and bedsheets were also dirty, mouldy, and looked like they had lizard droppings on them.

Upon further exploration, they discovered that the kitchen was equally disgusting, with a rusty fridge that does not look fit for human use. There was also a severe lack of basic necessities, such as water and electricity.

In addition to low water pressure from the taps, Emma wrote that they also experienced several electricity blackouts throughout the evening. She also noted that several basic things were not provided for at the bungalow, such as plastic bags for rubbish bins, soap and towels, nor a kettle to boil water in.

Here's where it gets iffy - when they approached the resort's security guard for assistance at around 6pm, they were told that all of the resort's employees had already gone home for the day!

"How can the resort management leave all their guests on their own? What if there's an emergency in the middle of the night? This is unacceptable," Emma wrote.

Posted by Emma Emrys on Sunday, 8 October 2017

Unfortunately, they were unable to find alternative lodgings, so the large group - including four children and Emma's elderly parents - were forced to spend a night on the floor

"We closed the doors when we retired for the night, but soon after, we started to have breathing difficulties and chest pains because of the contaminated air. Our solution was to open the doors to get some fresh air in, but then insects came flying in," Emma wrote, adding that there was also four wild dogs wandering outside the house.

You can watch the walkabout of the dilapidated bungalow here:

Posted by Emma Emrys on Sunday, 8 October 2017

Following the viral complaint, Tourism Selangor has since shut down the resort for a month-long maintenance and restoration exercise

New Straits Times also reported that Tourism Selangor has been told to refund Emma and her family for the bungalow as well as to compensate them with a free holiday trip for the bad experience.

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