Father In Kelantan Sets Up Tent On Hilltop So His Daughter Can Have Internet Access

"The tent is uncomfortable, but we have no choice for the sake of her future."

Cover image via Bernama & New Straits Times

In order to get good Internet coverage, a university student has resorted to studying in a tent on top of a 20m-high hill in Kampung Bukit Petai Tujuh, Kelantan

According to Bernama, Nurlieda Khaleeda Mohd Azmi is a medical laboratory technology student from Universiti Malaya.

Due to the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) enforced in Kelantan since 21 November, Nurlieda's father set up the tent behind their house so she could take part in online learning classes.

Her father, Mohd Azmi Ahmad, said his daughter used to travel 3km to town just to get decent Internet coverage for her studies.

In the tent, she would spend around two to three hours a day on her laptop to study or sit for examinations

Nurlieda is currently sitting for examinations from 23 November until 3 December and she has to record herself on her phone so that her lecturers can monitor her.

"I am quite stressed with the intermittent Internet connection in the village which makes it difficult for me to sit for my examinations," she told Bernama.

She would have to restart her exams if the Internet disconnects, with no additional time given.

Mohd Azmi accompanies his daughter at the tent until she finishes her class or examinations

"Especially now, as it is raining every day. The tent is uncomfortable, but we have no choice for the sake of her future. This is not a problem only we are facing, but also other students in higher education institutions and schools," Mohd Azmi said.

He added the Internet coverage issues were not new in the neighbourhood as five nearby villages were also facing the same problems.

Students in rural areas have been struggling to get Internet coverage as schools went online since the start of the Movement Control Order:

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