M'sians Praise Brave Female Hawker Who Defended Boyfriend Against 2 Parang-Wielding Men

Heroes don't always wear capes — sometimes, they wear an apron.

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A female hawker stall employee was commended by netizens for bravely defending her boyfriend against two parang-wielding men at Taman Segar Perdana, Cheras on Tuesday, 17 January

In a video clip shared to Facebook, two men with machetes are seen storming into the hawker centre to the shock of its patrons, and many are quick to flee the scene.

As soon as the duo notice a male hawker stall employee in a blue shirt, they chase after the man and begin their assault, viciously slashing at him. In the midst of the chaos, he stumbles to the ground but manages to grab a nearby plastic chair to protect himself.

Without hesitation, his girlfriend, Qin, rushes in to defend him, grabbing another plastic chair and brandishing it against her boyfriend's assailants. 

After her boyfriend manages to scramble away, Qin goes so far as to grab one of the attacker's arms and attempts to talk to him to deescalate the situation.

At one point, he even threateningly raises his machete against her, but she remains calm and continues speaking to him.

Eventually, the attackers relent and leave the premises.

The fight allegedly erupted because the male hawker in blue previously reprimanded one of his would-be attackers for causing a scene over his drink arriving late

Kajang district police chief ACP Mohd Zaid Hassan said that one of the employees proceeded to chase off the man from the hawker centre, but the man returned with a friend to enact his revenge, reported China Press.

Qin, aged 42, was revealed to be the owner of a noodle stall at the coffee shop, as well as its proprietress. She stated that she didn't even think as her immediate reaction was to save her lover.

"It's not just because he's my boyfriend... Even if the person being attacked was an employee, I would have saved them just the same," she said.

She also stated that despite it being unclear in the video, her boyfriend did not run away and had actually come back to defend her, armed with a plastic chair.

Zaid told Free Malaysia Today that the 46-year-old victim suffered a broken finger and injured his left knee.

The assailants have since been arrested and detained at Taman Cheras Permata in Kajang.

Netizens were in awe over the woman's bravery

Comments flooded in with people praising her actions.

"The lady boss is so brave."

"The lady boss is too amazing. I was touched."

"The lady boss is so tough. I really admire her."

Image via Facebook

"Wow that woman is so brave! All the guys were useless," one user teased.

Image via Facebook

"Women are braver than men," one user stated simply.

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