Fire Engulfs Part Of 5-Star Resort In Langkawi Twice In 24 Hours

Andaman Resort is a seafront paradise nestled within a rainforest.

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Five-star Andaman Resort in Langkawi, Kedah has suffered severe losses after a part of its building was engulfed in flames on two separate occasions within 24 hours

The fire is said to have started from the kitchen of the luxury hotel last night, 12 January, before spreading to the main part of the building, reported The Star.

Kedah Fire and Rescue Department assistant director Mohamadul Ehsan Mohd Zain said firemen were deployed to the hotel yesterday.

"About 40 firemen were rushed to the scene and they managed to put out the fire, but it flared up again on Wednesday morning, 13 January," he said.

"We have brought it under control and the men involved are presently clearing the debris and assessing the damage and cause of the fire."

Utusan Malaysia reported that the Fire and Rescue Department received distress calls from the resort once at 4.04pm on Tuesday and again at 1.13am on Wednesday.

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So far, no lives have been reported lost. But it is learnt that the fire also affected the rainforest nearby.

Andaman Resort is a hotel that prides itself as a seafront paradise nestled within a rainforest.

According to Malay Mail, a witness said that the fire destroyed the resort's kitchen and it caused the greenery around it to catch on fire as well.

"As soon as we arrived at the location early this morning, the fire was raging due to the strong wind, and it spread the fire to the main block, which is a class B building," said Mohamadul Ehsan.

"Almost the entire 91m x 274m area of the building was burnt."

A class B building refers to a structure that is generally old and has less than four stories, among other qualities.

The Star reported that the damage is believed to be extensive and major repair work has to be carried out before the resort can reopen.

Meanwhile, videos of the incident have been widely circulated on social media

An eight-second long video in particular stood out. It shows the front of the building is completely charred, while some fires scattered across the structure are still burning.

The main building — which once had a recognisable Malay house-style architecture — now only has flimsy pillars to hold the remains of the structure upright.

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