Five Restaurants In PJ Have Been Shut Down Since The Raj's Banana Leaf Incident

The restaurants were closed not only for having dirty premises, but also unhygienic practices.

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Last week, popular Bangsar eatery Raj's Banana Leaf was shut down by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) after a video surfaced of its employees washing dishes in puddle water

"I assure you that Raj's Banana Leaf consistently passes the health inspections conducted regularly," read the statement released by Raj's Banana Leaf's management on 29 May.

The viral video sparked controversy among netizens on social media, who demanded that the same actions be taken on other restaurants that violate health regulations.

Following the closure of Raj's Banana Leaf, three other eateries located along the same row in Seksyen 5 Petaling Jaya were closed down by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) on Tuesday, 5 June

Restoran Gasing, Sri Paandi restaurant, and Raju's restaurant along Jalan Chantek 5/13 were shut down following a morning raid by MBPJ health officers on Tuesday, 5 June, The Star reported.

The two banana leaf restaurants and the Chinese kopitiam were ordered to close operations due to their dirty premises and unhygienic practices, after officers found rat droppings and cockroaches inside cupboards, on the floor, and even in one of the eatery's refrigerators.

Other violations discovered were the absence of a grease trap, using the back lane to cook and wash dishes, and dumping waste water into the drain.

According to The Star, MBPJ councillor Sean Oon revealed that, "A total of 12 compounds were issued today and the restaurants will remain closed until the restaurant owners address all the violations and after MBPJ is satisfied with the cleanliness of the place."

Yesterday, 6 June, two other restaurants were also ordered by MBPJ to close shop

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According to The Star, Face to Face Noodle House and S One One restaurant were fined for having dirty kitchens and rat droppings.

Other health violations include broken tiles in one of the restaurant's kitchens, posing a health hazard as bacteria and fungus could grow in the cracks, and storing food improperly.

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The Star reported that the restaurants will be closed until they pass MBPJ's cleanliness criteria.

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