foodpanda Rider Applauded For Chasing Away Male Commuters From Women-Only MRT Coach

Well-done, abang rider!

Cover image via @Jai.Samud (TikTok)

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Recently, a TikTok video featuring a foodpanda rider chasing away male passengers from a female-only MRT coach has gone viral

In the video uploaded by a user, @Jai.Samud, the deliveryman can be seen approaching the male passengers who were comfortably seated in the ladies' coach and asking them to leave. 

"This side [of the coach] is for women... women," the rider can be distinctly heard saying in the 68-second long video. 

"The foodpanda [rider] is so considerate. He chased away the men that were seated at the ladies' coach," read a caption plastered across the TikTok video.

The video, captioned as 'foodpanda Prihatin' quickly gained widespread attention, with netizens applauding the rider's actions

"We need more foodpanda guys, at times we get scolded for reprimanding them (the men who sit in the women coaches)," mentioned one woman.

"He did the right thing," applauded another. 

One user expressed their heartfelt gratitude by saying, "Me, as the representative of all the women, would like to thank the foodpanda rider."

"This man should become the MRT police officer," suggested another.

Watch the video here:

The Ministry of Transport introduced the ladies' coach on the MRT Kajang Line in September:

Here are other times delivery riders in Malaysia went above and beyond their jobs:

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