Netizens Praise foodpanda Rider For Attending His Online Class In Between Deliveries

"The struggle is real. Attending online class while working as a foodpanda delivery rider. These things are never known to our ministers."

Cover image via @anak_ronaldo (TikTok)

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A foodpanda rider won the support of social media after he was seen attending online class during a break between delivering food orders

In a TikTok posted last week by @anak_ronaldo, a rider in foodpanda uniform can be seen kneeling at a bench listening to a lecture on his phone and taking notes, while his motorcycle is parked behind him.

Even though it was just a short clip, the video garnered over 455,000 views and 50,000 likes since it was posted

Thousands of netizens took to the comment section to commend the student for taking time to show up for his studies despite being at work.

"You're the best, adik. Now this is what I call an 'anak Melayu'. Diligent at work and studies. Make sure you solat and take care of this attitude, adik. God bless you," said a TikTok user.

Image via TikTok

A netizen wished, "Keep up the good work. Best of luck in all your endeavours."

Image via TikTok

"Ya Allah. This is sad. Wish you all the success. Take care of your health," said another.

Image via TikTok

A repost of the TikTok video on Twitter garnered an additional 285,000 views, with hundreds more netizens pouring in to commend the young lad for his relatable struggle during the pandemic.

"The struggle is real. Attending online class while working as a foodpanda delivery (rider). These things are never known to our ministers," said the viral Tweet.

Speaking to SAYS, the student in the video, Muhamad Hanis Mohd Hisam, said he did not expect to receive such a response

"I never expected the video to go viral, so I want to say thank you so much to all netizens that leave a good comment on any post about me," said the 20-year-old from Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Muhammad Hanis told SAYS that he is currently taking a Diploma of Electrical Engineering at Politeknik Mersing Johor (PMJ).

"To be honest, it is difficult, but I think other candidates from every course or university will feel the same," he said, when asked how he juggles his schedule while working with foodpanda.

He added, "Online class can be challenging too. Even though we're at home, we still have other commitments. And for this semester, I have to take eight subjects."

Nevertheless, the student said he wanted to thank his lecturers and friends who have been patiently helping him online.

As for advice for other students, he said, "Never give up on your studies even though our current situation is difficult, you must remember that your patience will pay off."

Meawhile, Muhammad Hanis' colleague who took the video and uploaded it to TikTok, Haziq Iskadar, also commended his friend for working hard

As a recent graduate who also joined the delivery company in Johor a few months ago, Haziq told SAYS, "I think it is necessary that he has to work, especially for students like us that have the intention to help our parents."

"It's not easy, but this is the type of sacrifice that we must fulfill to achieve our dreams."

Watch Haziq's TikTok here:

Delivery riders often go through rain or shine to deliver food to our doorsteps: