"Make Sure You Break Fast First" — foodpanda Walker Touched By Customer's Kindness

The customer told him to break his fast first before delivering her fried chicken.

Cover image via Dinnie Norman Othman/Malay Mail & Dinnie Norman (Facebook)

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foodpanda walker Dinnie Norman Othman has shared an encounter that not only touched his heart, but also thousands of netizens' hearts on Facebook

Writing only "Together One heart, 1 Malaysia" in the caption, Dinnie posted screenshots of a conversation he had with a customer on the FoodPanda Rider Malaysia Facebook group.

In the photos, it is learnt that the customer told Dinnie to break his fast first before delivering the food to her.

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 1,200 likes.

Dinnie revealed that he received the order for fried chicken at 7.12pm last Sunday, 25 April

"I was ready to deliver the food to her somewhere along Jalan Imbi. But then she messaged me to have my meal first before delivering the fried chicken to her," the foodpanda walker told Malay Mail.

Although the customer told Dinnie to break his fast before delivering her order, he insisted on delivering first as he was afraid that the fried chicken would get cold.

It is learnt that he broke his fast with a drink first, rather than having his meal.

He said that he felt good for delivering a warm meal rather than serving it cold.

"This is not the first time that a customer told me to have my food first before delivering food to them as many others have sent me similar messages," he told the news portal.

He added that, "As a foodpanda Walker, there are times where we need to brace the hot weather and the rain, so kind comments from customers really do make us feel appreciated."

"I was very touched when the customer told me to eat first as it showed that she cared for me and the work I do especially during the Ramadan month."

Image used for illustration purposes only.

Image via foodpanda Singapore/Asia One

In the comment sections, many netizens expressed their happiness that Dinnie had met such a thoughtful customer

Most praised the understanding nature amongst Malaysians during the Ramadan month.

Meanwhile, others said that patient customers are the best.

Here are more acts of kindness Malaysians witnessed during this Ramadan:

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