Gardenia Is Working To Get That Bread So Please Only Buy What You Need

Selling like hot buns.

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Long queues and panic-buying are just several factors that have made grocery shopping a struggle for Malaysians

We are seven days in since the Movement Control Order was set, and several Malaysians expressed that it has been difficult to find bread.

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In a now-deleted statement on Facebook yesterday, 23 March, Gardenia Bakeries KL explained that they are running their production lines at full capacity and are not able to cope with the demand from the market

The well-known bread manufacturer thanked everyone who notified them of the lack of supply throughout the country.

In a comment on its Facebook page, Gardenia admitted that they are working at full capacity to meet the needs.

While they are doing their best "working 24/7 to increase production", Gardenia encouraged customers to only buy what they need

"We urge all consumers to remain calm and buy according to your normal needs and daily consumption," Gardenia explained in a new statement released yesterday, 23 March.

As of Monday, 23 March, a total of 14 people has passed away from the fatal COVID-19 disease

Medical staff are risking their lives working tirelessly round the clock to fight the virus in the country.

So stay calm, guys. Roti is life and all, but with that in perspective, the least of our problems right now is bread.

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Remember to #JustStayAtHome. Watch the latest update on the COVID-19 situation:

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